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Envy Wipes


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About This Vendor

Hello! I'm so happy you found Envy Wipes, your Anytime Bling Shine! Envy Wipes was first born because I couldn't find a quick and easy alternative for cleaning my jewelry. I wanted a cleaner that I could easily wipe and shine my bling on-the-go keeping my loved pieces sparkling anytime, anywhere! Designed with ease of use in mind, Envy Wipes are perfect to have in your bag when you want to be noticed! Great for travel, party favours, engagement gifts, bachelorette parties, stocking stuffers and so much more!

My Diamond earrings and rings are breathtaking when sparkling, but shampoo and hairsprays, lotion and hand soaps make them dirty and dull instantly and I just don't have the time to take them off to clean everyday, but I want the sparkle! This is why it was so important for me to make Envy Wipes. A convenient, on-the-go individually packaged jewelry wipe that is easy to use. Great for cleaning watches, bracelets, gold, diamonds, silver and precious stones. You are guaranteed to be noticed with Envy Wipes!

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