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Wild Roots Floral


About This Vendor

Flowers as creative & unique as you are

You’re not like everyone else. You're CREATIVE. ADVENTUROUS. NON-TRADITIONAL.

And your wedding florals (the thing that brings your wedding to LIFE) should be creatively personalized to represent your EPIC love!

You’re about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a day memorialized forever!

Don’t know what your floral vision is? No problem! Once you spill the details of your love story and I *happy dance* in excitement, I’ll create a vision board that’s personalized to your unique story, helping you make intentional design decisions that bring your personalities to life!

Don’t know a thing about flowers? Don’t worry about it! I’ll know what it means when you tell me you want those pretty coral flowers and the greyish-green leafy-stem-things.

Hella stressed because WHO KNEW that so much went into wedding planning? I got you, girl. I’ll take care of everything for you, from the vision board, venue layout, coordination, and more.

Forget what you’re “supposed” to do - there’s no room for traditional, done-before designs here! Create the wedding that’s perfect for YOU, and bring it to life with modern, personalized, fresh floral designs!

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