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Juniper and Oak Photo

St Louis, MO

About This Vendor

Think of a time where your friend  knew what you were thinking just because you gave them a certain look. You didn't have to say anything out-loud, but the two of you were on the same page. 

They just got you.

That's what we give our couples, that feeling of being understood. I mean yeah, we give you beautiful wedding galleries, but we get you.

That's truly where we stand out most. Really incredible images are beautiful and have a memory attached to them. We get to know couples personally, so that we know which moments are most important to you and we know how to best capture your personality. We know what your expressions are saying.

At no point will you feel like you are just posing for photos throughout the day. 

You will be EXPERIENCING your day!

We encourage you to be yourself and enjoy your wedding because when we're your photographers, we're not just taking pretty pictures.

We are eternalizing your love story, the day you chose forever, and telling it as authentically as if to allow it to be lived again.

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