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A Sweet Start

Bath, ME

About This Vendor

Savor the Moment, Save the Memory
Maine Wedding Officiant

Imagine time has slowed down. You take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You look over at your beloved and realize this is the moment. After all these years, you’re getting married! You feel calm, at ease, completely present, and bursting with joy.

Hi, I'm Maria, as a professional Maine wedding officiant, I know that when couples feel grounded and relaxed during their wedding ceremony, time seems to slow down. This allows you and your guests to give the moment the significance it deserves and ultimately create richer memories of the ceremony. If you’re provided the space to just “be,” you’ll be able to savor the moment and store the memories!

"Maria seemed to be the anchor of our wedding!" -Caroline + Maxx, Days Ferry, Maine

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