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Vineyard Wedding Officiants

Cincinnati, OH

About This Vendor

I love performing weddings for couples!  My goal is to create a custom wedding for each bride and groom.  I personalize each ceremony and welcome the collaboration with the bride and groom to create the perfect vows. I know that marriage is a one time deal, so I will help you through the process from planning, to coordinating the ceremony to filing the paperwork.  


First, I meet with each bride and groom so that we can get to know each other and establish a comfortable relationship.  I want to be able to  provide a unique and special experience for each bride and groom.  I can provide an elegant wedding or a laid-back wedding.  I adapt to your needs.  I want to hear your love story and deliver a ceremony that is one of a kind.


Price includes: consultation, writing the ceremony script, performing the ceremony, travel time and completing licensure paperwork.  I am licensed in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.  I welcome couples of all ethnicity, religions and sexual orientations.

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