9 Costly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ


Your wedding day is something you’ve been planning for a long time. You’ve taken special care to ensure that it is magical, unique, and everything you’ve ever dreamed. Whether formal and modern, or laid-back and original, your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life.

Planning your event can be stressful, but it is also fun and exciting! While preparing for your big day, you want to make sure you have thoroughly examined every detail and made the right decision for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Throughout the planning process, you’ve booked photographers, caterers, venues, and so much more. You carefully check each item off of your wedding to-do list, and you make sure to follow up on references, reviews, and face-to-face meetings. Choosing the right DJ for your Minnesota wedding is as essential as all the other planning decisions you’ve made. The DJ will help set the tone for the reception and personify your style.

When selecting a DJ, you might wonder what factors to consider. You’ve been looking forward to this day for so long, finding the DJ that matches your style as a couple is essential to pulling off a fantastic wedding and reception. Avoiding certain mistakes when hiring your wedding DJ will help ensure your day is everything you’ve hoped. Here is a list of nine common and costly mistakes people can easily avoid by choosing Adagio DJ Entertainment.


1. Lack of Experience

One of the biggest and most unfortunate mistakes a couple can make is hiring an inexperienced DJ. Experience is critical when looking for the best DJ for your event, and you don’t want to settle for someone who hasn’t been in the business for a long time. You need to rely on your DJ to not only show up to your event but also to be professional and experienced enough to know how to facilitate your reception.

An experienced DJ knows how to read a crowd, how to transition into toasts and first dances, how to announce your entrance as a married couple appropriately, and when to play which types of songs. The peace of mind of having a DJ who can do all that, and more, is well worth hiring someone with a proven track record.

Hiring an amateur DJ can be detrimental to your wedding day in many ways. From lack of professionalism to lack of knowledge about the order of events and protocol, an inexperienced DJ can put a damper on your reception. Don’t sacrifice experience when it comes to selecting a DJ to handle your big day.

2. Choosing the Cheapest DJ You Can Find

Being conscientious about your wedding budget is an essential part of planning. Prioritizing your desires for your wedding can help establish the budget that works best for you. While some people spend the most on the dress or venue, others may focus more on food and entertainment.

You might have heard the saying, “You get what you pay for,” and that rings true for hiring DJs. Spending as little as possible on a DJ and trying to reduce your wedding DJ cost may seem like a good idea, but it very well could end up being a decision you regret.

Hiring a low-cost DJ can end up being a mistake for several reasons. For instance, an inexpensive DJ may also be less-experienced and not as professional as others. Another drawback to a low-cost DJ is the potential for equipment failure or lack of quality equipment. A less-expensive DJ may not have the right equipment or as reliable equipment as one that costs a little more.

There is also a possibility that a “cheap” DJ may no longer be in business by the time your wedding comes around, unlike an established, quality DJ service. It is possible that they aren’t charging enough to cover operational costs and may not be able to fund their business sufficiently for the long run. Adagio DJ Entertainment has been exceeding expectations for over 27 years; our clients have security and peace of mind that we are not going anywhere.


3. Not Finding the Right Fit

Your DJ will be responsible for not only keeping the reception on track for toasts, dances, and cake-cutting, but also for enticing people to have fun, dance, and participate. You’ll want to make sure your DJ matches your wedding theme and tone as well as your style as a couple.

Are you looking for a DJ who isn’t afraid to crack a tasteful joke or encourage people to join in dancing? Or is your ceremony and reception more formal and you’re looking for someone who will make polite announcements and follow a strict schedule? Either way, you need to feel like the DJ you choose is happy to oblige your requests and set the proper tone for your event.

The way the DJ facilitates your wedding day can have an impact not only on your guests and whether or not they enjoy themselves, but on you and your fiancé as well. The last thing you want is a DJ that doesn’t fit into your special day.

Guests can quickly be put off by either a DJ who is not correctly reading the crowd and being obnoxious or, on the other hand, being boring and not engaging the crowd at all. By meeting with your DJ and making sure they understand what kind of event you are planning, you’ll be sure to have the reception you’ve been dreaming of.

4. Not Booking Your DJ Early Enough

Booking your DJ might not be the first task on your wedding planning timeline, however, if you wait too long, you won’t be able to choose the DJ you want, and you will be forced to book one that’s left.

Many reputable and in-demand DJs book events six months to a year in advance. Bumping this task to the top of your to-do list will help ensure that you can select the DJ you’re hoping for or who comes highly recommended. To ensure you have choices, start meeting with potential DJs early in the planning process. Then you’ll have time to compare and decide before you’re left with the less-desirable candidates.

Aside from ensuring you have a choice in DJs, being able to check a big task off your to-do list will help you be able to focus on other areas of the planning process.


5. Not Checking What Equipment The DJ Will Provide

Are you expecting the DJ to provide more than just standard DJ equipment? When booking your DJ, it is vital that you understand what equipment they will bring. If you’re hoping for lighting design in addition to music, you’ll need to check with your DJ to make sure they can meet your expectations. If they can’t, you can plan on renting additional equipment or finding a different DJ that can provide what you need.

If you have your ceremony in a separate area on-site, will you need audio equipment in that area as well? Are you having live musicians perform that need amplification? Make sure that your DJ can provide what you need, instead of assuming and being caught without the proper equipment. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that your DJ’s equipment is compatible with the venue for your reception.

6. Not Discussing Your Desires

If you have any unique requests, specific songs, style of music to be played, or an idea about how you’d like your special day to flow, include the DJ in these discussions in advance. Not voicing your wishes for the ceremony and reception can lead to the DJ doing their own thing, which may or may not be your thing. It also gives the DJ an opportunity to acquire any additional unique songs and prepare for your event musically.

You may even want to choose a DJ service that facilitates both live music and recorded music. Maybe you want a live band for the diner and first dance but then want a DJ to take over? Give Adagio a call, we work closely with a majority of the bands in the Twin Cities and are happy to use that network to find the perfect fit for you.

Having an open conversation about what you would like to include and leave out is an essential step in making sure you and your DJ are on the same page. By discussing your thoughts and desires, your DJ can ensure the day goes how you’ve planned, and you won’t be left with any surprises.


7. Not Having a Backup Plan

Have you considered what might happen on your big day if your DJ has an emergency and can’t make it? Or what if your DJ’s equipment fails during your ceremony or reception? Not finding out what the backup plan is can leave you in a stressful situation and catch you completely off guard in the middle of your wedding.

An experienced, renown DJ service should have contingency plans for events such as illness or failed equipment. A backup DJ should be available in case of an emergency, and there should be failsafe equipment or solutions the DJ can use to ensure the show goes on in case of equipment malfunction.

You don’t want to worry about “what if” scenarios with your wedding DJ, so make sure to discuss what options are available if the worst should happen. Knowing that there is a backup plan will help you feel confident in your DJ choice.

8. Not Checking on Insurance

You don’t want to be held responsible for any unforeseen accident, and your professional DJ should have the proper liability insurance to prevent that scenario. Accidents can happen, but with adequate coverage, your DJ will be prepared to handle them professionally and appropriately.

Don’t assume your wedding DJ has insurance in place, or that the venue will cover any accidents related to the dance floor or equipment. Instead, work with your DJ to make sure everyone is covered appropriately. Ask for proof of insurance and make sure it meets your venue’s insurance liability requirements.


9. Not Having Fun

While it is easy to get caught up in the details of planning a wedding and to start feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to remember why you are having a wedding in the first place. Hosting an event for all of your loved ones to witness you and your fiancé join together in true love should be fun and enjoyable, as well as memorable and unique.

Choosing your DJ is no different; it should be a fun process. Finding a DJ who matches your style and is willing to run the show the way you want can be a blast. Learning your DJ’s personality and how it will shine through at your event should be a positive experience.

Listening to different songs to find just the right ones for your special dances, getting a feel for the type of music your wedding will include, and planning the announcements and special moments of the reception can be an exciting and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process — if you’re working with the right DJ.

Have fun working with your DJ to create an amazing ceremony and reception. You will find yourself looking even more forward to your big day once you’ve decided on the style, event flow, and first dance songs.


Your wedding day is one of the most personal and memorable moments in your life. The amount of planning, work, and dreaming that goes into it will show on your big day. Decorations, centerpieces, flowers, and special moments throughout the ceremony and reception will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends, as well as you and your partner.

Having the right DJ for your event will ensure that everyone has a good time, and the event runs smoothly. An experienced DJ will be able to run the show with professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. Leaving your day’s events in your DJ’s capable hands will help you be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

At the end of the event, when you’re dancing with your new husband or wife to music that you helped plan, you’ll be able to reflect on the best day of your life, and how much fun you’ve had. Your guests will be enjoying themselves as they dance with you, ending your event in the most wonderful way. Your day will be everything you’ve hoped and planned for and with Adagio DJ Entertainment, it’ll have an amazing soundtrack, too.

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9 Costly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ