All Fears Aside, Trust Your Videographer


Today’s blog will shed some light on the real reason a videographer is there.This blog is brought you by Love Infinity Films. Definitely send this along to your spouse if they are on the fence!

Your wedding is one of those pinnacle events that you’re going to want documented. When pulling up the memories of past experiences, where do we go? Articles, documents, photo, and video. When we look back at all the good memories of our lives or the lives of others, we experience it through these tangible means. We’ve got a memory bank in the ol noggen, but let’s face it – the memory can be faulty, and one day, we’ll be old and won’t be able to remember every detail of every event. Getting a videographer is a must for your wedding. Although, admittedly, the thought of having a videographer and photographer can be a bit daunting. Normal thoughts come up; I’m awkward, what if I cry, or say something weird, or what if something happens I don’t want documented? Or, we didn’t budget for it… what if I can’t afford it? What if I just have my cousins friend video it with his iPhone? But here’s a better what if”¦ what if you think back in a year or longer and say, I wish I had gotten my wedding video’d by a professional videographer, but… I didn’t.




So here’s the thing, as a videographer, I’m looking through the lens as an objective perspective, there to capture your memories. There for you and your spouse to be. There for your family. Your friends. Your future children. There to document your day, not judging, not overthinking – simply there to make you something amazing you’ll love forever. Think of it as an extension of yourself, a second set of eyes, capturing the glorious moments of your wedding day. It’s totally okay if you’re outgoing, or awkward, or shy, or front and center of the camera. It’s all about capturing that moment you walk down the aisle, the anticipation, your vows, that first kiss as husband and wife, and the sweet joy when you walk back down the aisle as one unit, one person, one flesh – and all the moments that lead up and follow.




Here’s what we see. This is authentic and real; the genuine emotions of people in love! So relax, be yourself and have the time of your life! Your future self will thank your past self for making that decision to dismiss the what if’s and trust in getting a videographer.

“I can’t say enough good things about Love Infinity Films! Our wedding day was captured perfectly! Initially I was on the fence about videography for our wedding, but Love Infinity Films put me at ease and gave me a piece of that day that I can look back on for years to come! Kyndra was great to work with and I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a great videographer!”

– Heather H January 2019 Bride

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All Fears Aside, Trust Your Videographer