Avoid a Dress Disaster!

Hello Brides, I have a little confession to make. My name is Alicia and yes, I am a two-dress buying bride. Am I planning to wear both on the big day? Unfortunately no. Did I fall into the hype of seeing a sea of white dresses with the new diamond on my finger and buy too quickly? Yes, that was me.

The dresses, the sparkles, the glitz and glamour of buying a wedding gown overcame me and I purchased a mere 6 weeks after my engagement, all the while telling myself, “I’ve got 3-6 months until it is here, so I won’t even think of it until then”. Well, let’s just say the dress was here in two weeks, and the mental breakdown came shortly after when I realized how many parts of the dress I wanted to change….things I knew when I purchased the dress.

But all is well, and I now have the dress of my dreams that is perfect for me.

The Wedding Shoppe St. Paul wedding dress

My advice to you: don’t buy a dress if you already know there are things you don’t like about it. Trust me! The perfect dress is out there, and it will be exactly the way you want it, no major alterations needed.

The best thing I did when looking for a dress:

First, set up an appointment that is just for fun! I tried on any kind of dress, any style and just had a stress free day. No pressure, and no commitment.

Secondly, use your gut and take along those people whose opinion you really want to hear. If you don’t care what someone says, leave them at home. They will just crowd the dressing room. I took my all knowing mom, sewing queen aunt, and my maid of honor best friend who works for the wedding shoppe. I had the perfect mix of opinions.
With the first dress, I rushed into the decision and wanted to make everyone else happy with the dress instead of myself.

In the end, it is about what you want! If someone doesn’t like it, too bad, they don’t have to wear it, you do. So pick something you love, and something you dream of saying ” I do” in on your big day.

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Avoid a Dress Disaster!