The Bride’s Survival Guide: First Steps Part II

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone enjoyed the blog post from this past Tuesday. As promised here are another four mistakes you should avoid while planning your wedding:

Not being flexible. This one is self-explanatory and will most likely make you miserable and annoy everyone else around you. There will be a lot of opportunities that will arise while planning your big day, just keep an open mind and most importantly be flexible! It will take a lot of stress of you and everyone else involved.

Not being organized. Disorganization is one of the worst mistakes you can make with your wedding. You are ultimately in control of everything that is going on, so don’t worry about being a little too micromanagey. Set up a spreadsheet, compile a checklist of what needs to get done and figure out the best receipt storage system that you possibly can. It will help you out in the long run and save you lots and lots of headaches!

Trying to rush through planning. If you fly through planning your wedding, you leave a lot of time where you second-guess your plans. You know that cake you wanted a month ago, now you’re thinking that mocha filling might be better. Not only is this annoying to you and everyone else involved, but it will lead to spending more money. So take your time, sit back and relax while planning your wedding instead of rushing through it.

Counting on others’ promises. Many people will rush to your side and make promises on how they’ll help you with your big day, but don’t get your hopes up when your parents say they’ll foot the bill for the wedding or your friend agrees to be in your wedding party. Things arise that could cause them to go back on that promise. The best thing to do when this happens is keep a smile on your face and support them for whatever reason they have to back out of their promise.

Make sure to keep an eye out on Tuesday for four mistakes to avoid in regards to size, style and season!

Intern Sadie

I am taking on the task of reading The Bride’s Survival Guide: 150 Mistakes You should avoid for the Perfect Wedding by Sharon Naylor. A book of 150 don’ts for the perfect I do! Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for four new mistakes that you should avoid while planning your big day!

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The Bride’s Survival Guide: First Steps Part II