Cool Date Ideas for Your Engagement Session

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This blog is brought to you by Clare from Madeira Creative Photography. Shephotograph couples wildly in love in the places that stir their souls – in the mountains, by the sea, or snuggled in their first apartment – specializing in weddings & adventure sessions that result in authentic, magical & romantic photographs.

I’ve been photographing couples exclusively for about three years now, and one thing I’ve noticed is that people like doing cool stuff. No brainer, right? Think about when you’re scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest, and you see a cool couple doing a cool thing (example: kayaking together in the Apostle Islands, sailing in Bayfield, WI, hiking in Taylor’s Falls, camping in Yellowstone, bowling (people still bowl, right?) or drinking beers in a hipster Minneapolis brewery.) These are usually things you’d want to do for a date night or weekend, things that you’d plan for and get excited about – things you genuinely want to spend your time doing. So, why not make that your engagement session and have your photographer capture the authentic you?




When we got our engagement photos done, while we loved the outcome, some of them didn’t even look like us. We looked posed and still – while my personality is wild and spoofy, and my husband is calm and steady with a little smirk at my antics. Our photos caught some of those moments, but they were only 5 out of almost 200. However, we went on a hike with my family in Lutsen, Minnesota and I asked my sister to grab a few shots of Josh and I goofing around. And I loved them almost more than our engagement photos. Then it clicked. What if engagement photos were just a really cool date? You should look at your photos and think, “This is who we are as a couple.” It’s great to have photos where you’re fancier than normal, or more posed, but when you’re celebrating the next step in your relationship, it should be fun and relaxing. Almost every single couple I’ve ever photographed has told me that they’re awkward in front of the camera. I’ve told my photographers that about myself! I bet you wouldn’t feel so awkward if you’re doing activities that you’re comfortable doing, and might even forget that I’m there taking photos of you. So, if you wanna give this a go, let me know. I’ve got a whole bucket list of ideas for kickass dates!






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Cool Date Ideas for Your Engagement Session