The Do’s And Don’ts Of Life After Marriage

This article is all about making sure that once the music stops, the guests have gone home, and you and your husband have settled into your living space; the ‘excitement’ of being married stays fresh and exciting! We want you to have years and years of excitement. Here is some sound advice that is sure to help keep things fresh!

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Don’t Let Yourself Go

After the wedding, it can sometimes be easy to settle in and get lax. Staying healthy is one of the most important parts of a strong relationship. Staying active as a couple also can contribute to better overall communication! Many of us think of this “Don’t let yourself go” as a statement about your body. Not so. It also applies to the hobbies and things you do as a couple. If you were into hiking, stay into hiking. If you and your husband were into playing boardgames, or cooking stay excited about those things. A little routine in life is good. Especially routine around things you do together!

Do Be Spontaneous

If the daily routine becomes predictable and boring, think of ideas that will surprise the regular routine. Surprise him at work with a nice lunch. Send him a text during the day telling him you can’t wait to see him later. Try a new activity like skiing, snowboarding, or snow shoeing in the winter months. Take a skip-day from work and go to the zoo, the beach, or if you have kids drop them off at the grandparents and just take the time to be alone and appreciate one another. You will be talking about that skip-day for months! Make sure to take lots of photos and you will be sure to look back at them with a smile.

Change is good!

Over time, things change. We are living beings. We are always growing and changing. Just make sure you and your new spouse are changing TOGETHER. Open communication is KEY. Remember that if you are not growing together, you could be growing apart. It is very important that you work as a team to keep your relationship up. Just because you are Married doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. On the contrary. Marriage is work. Here is a good way to think about it: If you put equal effort into your job, as you do into your relationship, would you get fired? Hopefully not. Stay close. Talk often and you are sure to see lasting love!

Do Be Willing To Compromise & Laugh Everyday

Many people say compromise and laughing everyday is the key to a happy marriage… I believe it. Compromises keep you both level. Laughing everyday makes your love for one another stronger. Try having a joke of the day and laugh about how funny or not funny the joke is. Sometime inside jokes can be the best jokes of all! Especially if it is between you and your spouse.

Bonus Tip

Don’t Cut Your Hair Off

We don’t mean literally. When you get married, don’t make dramatic changes to your appearance. We all know that a marriage is based on SO much more than looks and appearances, but keep in mind the things your spouse likes. This applies to both sides. The point of this is to simply say: be you, and the person your spouse married. And by all means, if you want to literally cut your hair…do!

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Life After Marriage