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Everything You Need to Know About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir shoots are becoming more and more popular for brides. Not only is it a great gift to surprise your husband-to-be with on your wedding day, but it’s also an outlet where you can feel confident in your own skin. It’s an opportunity for all women to be proud, confident, and sexy. And of course, it’s an excellent way to treat yourself in between all the stress that wedding + honeymoon planning can cause. Feeling relaxed and beautiful is the best way to enter into your wedding day.

To answer your boudoir photography questions, we called in our trusted vendor, Lucy of Lucy Stange Photography. She gave us her expert advice on boudoir sessions:

1) When should I book a boudoir session?
I recommend scheduling your boudoir session three months before your wedding. That way we can take the time to make beautiful photos and gifts for your special day.

2) How long does it take?
Boudoir takes up to 2 hours. With hair and makeup might be a little longer

3) Where does the shoot take place?
I like to pick places that fit my client’s style and needs. Most of my sessions are either done at clients home, or I rent out a hotel in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

4) What should I wear or bring?
I recommend wearing loose fitting clothing before session. That way you won’t have any red marks on your skin when shooting. As for what to wear in your photo session, I recommend wearing what feels good to you. This shoot is for you. If you don’t feel comfortable, you wont like your photos. So, I strongly recommend wearing things that you completely love and feel good in.

5) Why WILL it make a good wedding day present for my husband-to-be?
A boudoir session is a fun and exciting gift for your love. It is more than just display beautiful photos. It’s making a statement saying “I am confident and I will be all of me.”

Thank you, Lucy! Since boudoir is new to most brides, it’s easy to be nervous and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to find a boudoir photographer who will make you feel at ease (a sip of champagne won’t hurt either). So we continued to talk with our talented + trusted boudoir photographer, Lucy to help you get to know her more personally before booking her for your boudoir session.


How did you choose photography?

Lucy: I feel like photography chose me at a time I was going through an emotional breakdown. My husband had bought a camera to photograph his carpentry work and had asked my to take some photos for him. I have not put the camera down since.



How would you describe your style?

Lucy: I like to tell stories through images. My style is very much a journalistic vibe.


What are some tips for relaxing and feeling comfortable during a boudoir shoot?

Lucy: Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Eat a healthy meal an hour before hand, this helps with your emotions as well.

Let your photographer coach you through the process. Know that at any time, you can pause, change, or take a break as needed. Helping you feeling comfortable is top priority.


What’s your favorite part of photography?

Lucy: My favorite part about being a boudoir photographer, is helping my clients feel empowered and beautiful.

I think a boudoir session is a life changing experience. This type of session can help brides feel empowered, more confident, and in love with who you are.

My biggest drive for boudoir photography comes from my personal self image struggles as a young women and into my married life. It was after hard work and many emotional breakdowns, I have come to a place of gratitude, and love for my life and the woman I am today. And I want the same for you. I want you to walk away from our session together feeling empowered, confident, gratitude, and more in love with the women you are. I want your heart to melt with warm and fussy feelings every time you walk passed your portraits hanging on the wall or look through your photo book. Because I think life is to short to be wasted on anything less.



Side note: She photographs weddings, too!



6) When you’re not working, what are your favorite things to do?

Lucy: Coffee dates are my favorite! I love helping family and friends talk through ideas and life problems. If I am not working or having coffee, I am busy raising my wonderful kids and taking our dog to the park.

The reason I do what I do, is because my family, my clients and I, deserve the BEST of me! And that’s why every day, I try to be better then yesterday!



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