Everything You Need to Think About When Hiring a Videographer


A wedding video captures a different element of your special day. It reminds you of all the small details that make up one of the most important days of your life. This is a step in the wedding planning process that can easily get overlooked, pushed on the back-burner, and downplayed. But take our advice and don’t let it!

Choosing a killer videographer for your wedding is so important and the best way to remember your day by. You’ve all heard it before, but there’s a reason this statement has rung through your ears many times”¦ because it’s TRUE!

But how do I choose a videographer? And how do I find the right videographer for me? And wait, why should I even have my wedding filmed? We have all the answers for you! Grab a glass of red wine, a comfortable seat on the couch, and start taking notes.

“Why have my wedding filmed?”

Amid all the other decisions surround one of the most important days in your life is whether you want to have a wedding video. The answer might not be completely clear to you at first. For a some, they know without a doubt that they will make sure they have one! Most people really would like to have a wedding video but don’t plan it into their budget early on. Think about it for a minute, you have spent an enormous amount of time planning just about every detail of you wedding day but have you considered the days following and how you will remember everything and share it with others?

Your wedding day will zoom by and become a blur

Too many times have brides said to us that after the wedding their biggest regret was NOT hiring a videographer. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? Well, it sure is in this case and thousands of others. To say that your wedding day is going to go incredibly fast and be a whirlwind of activity is an understatement. Too much is going on for you to take it all in at once, and that’s a good thing because you can experience it again and again through a quality video or film.

You can share it with people who weren’t able to make it…and your future children and grandchildren

Think of it as an investment into the future for you, your family and friends to experience once more the love, excitement and commitment you and your fiancé made to each other forever. Our favorite thing to hear from a couple after their wedding is that they were able to share their wedding video with a grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousin or anyone who wasn’t able to be with them on their special day.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Somewhere, at any given time, a recently engaged woman (let’s call her Bri) and her girlfriends are drinking a bottle of red wine and watching wedding videos online. You know it’s true. And like so many before her, the combination of wine and cinematic romance is too much. It’s decided. She must have her own wedding video. And besides her father, who will be footing the bill, who could blame her? So the decision to make a wedding film has been made. But now what?

If you’re like Bri––excited about the idea of a wedding video but wondering where to start, this list is for you. Starting scrolling through these recommended videographers and ask yourself these 5 questions.

1. Do I jive with this videographer?

When you bring a videographer on, you’re going to have to tango with them from the moment you sign the contract until months after your wedding during their editing process. You’re going to want to make sure that before you sign anything, you’re tangoing to the same beat.

Being filmed all day when you’re not used to it is an experience. Whether it’s a good or bad one is entirely dependent on how well you jive with the person behind the lens. And more importantly, the quality of your film is directly related to the degree of rapport you and your fiancé share with your videographer.

If you’re comfortable around each other, then your videographer will know the little nuances about you that will make your film uniquely yours.

So grab a coffee or drink with a few different people. Which one do you feel really gets you as a couple? Which one is asking you the right questions? Which one shares your sense of humor?

2. Do I absolutely love this videographer’s style & their previous filmed videos?

A bride told one of our videographers, “There has yet to be a wedding video you’ve created that has not made me cry.” And trust us, whenever videographers get feedback like that, it not only assures them that they are slaying at their job, but they are successfully storytelling.

The truth is, most couples have a story that could bring grown men to tears, but it can only happen if their storyteller (the videographer) takes the time before the wedding to get to know them enough to find that story and tell it with purpose.

We’d urge you to compare as many videographers as you can and see which videos really stand out to you. Why do they stand out? Why did one film make you cry when another didn’t?

3. Will this videographer have another person helping out on the wedding day?

Shoot weddings solo is the worst enemy for any videographer. There is just too much gear, too many balls in the air, too little time, and too many places to be at once for it to go smoothly. Choose someone who will send at least two people out on your wedding day.

4. Will they capture from different angles and cameras?

Piggy-backing from the last point––make sure that your videographer will be capture the day from multiple angles and with multiple cameras. This is the difference between a quality wedding film and an amateur one that you are not going to like. If they are filming your whole ceremony, double check that they will be using varying angles instead of just a head-on shot the entire time.

5. Am I willing to pay for a quality videographer

Quality often depends upon what you pay. A lot of brides still consider video a luxury item to add to their wedding if budget allows, but will go with a videographer simply because they are the cheapest around. I would say that with that mindset, you may not want to get a video at all because you could end up paying for something you don’t love. If you want a high-quality, ultra-professional highlights film, this will cost you more. You know the old saying––you get what you pay for.

“How do I find the right videographer for me?”

Video goes beyond the visuals – it’s sensual storytelling that taps into something deeper than just a documentation of your day. Video captures the energy, ambience and emotion; allowing you to feel as though you can touch, taste, and relive the day whenever you watch your video. Video moves people in a way that an image just can not. It allows the deeper story to be told––the intimate love story that has brought you and your fiance to this moment.

Meet them in person over a cup of coffee!

You can look at numbers and bullet points on a screen for days, but nothing will tell you more than the feeling you get when you’re connecting over coffee or a cocktail. Meet with them in person! How they engage with you is a reflection of how they’ll engage with your video and your story, choose someone who seems invested in getting to know you.

Just be yourself!

Cliche…but true! It’s all about authenticity. Reflecting your day that’s personal to you is so crucial. Why invest all this money to have a piece of art that was whipped out in a similar fashion to another?

Make sure they work well with others

Choosing your wedding videographer with your photographer early on is crucial. The relationship between the videographer and photographer is an important one. Videographers are the ones capturing and reflecting these moments for you and you want to feel like you’re in good hands. Choose photographers who work well with videographers and vice versa. When it’s a team effort everybody wins.

Find the Right Videographer For You

Choosing a wedding videographer is more overwhelming than it should be. There are over a dozen websites that list wedding videographers in every area, but how do you know if they’re any good?

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So with that being said, here are the top local wedding videographers“¦ individuals, teams, companies that you can trust with the highest quality, friendliness, and professionalism.

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Take me to your list of wedding videographers!

And to round it off, grab some tissues and watch this beautifully sweet video from Stills ‘N’ Motion:

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Everything You Need to Think About When Hiring a Videographer