How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows can feel daunting at first. Here are some tips to navigate your way to wedding vow success.

Watch videos or read other vows to spark inspiration
Wedding vows can have different styles and tones. Grab your husband-to-be, go through vows and decide what tone draws you in the most. Funny? Serious? Or a little bit of both? Bible verses? Inspirational poems or quotes? You’ll sure to be inspired by other’s love statements.


Make sure both of your vows are the same length
It might sound awkward if your speech is 2 minutes but your partner’s is only 30 seconds. Agree on the same length: 2 minutes should be the maximum.

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JOT down everything you love about your partner

Starting is often the hardest part. Ask yourself questions like: What do I love most about him? How does he inspire me? How has my life gotten better? By simply penning a list on a notebook of things you love about him, you’ll have a number of places to start.

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Avoid clichés

You’ve heard them a million times in classic rom-coms. Instead of taking common phrases from their mouths, why not personalize your vows with something unique? This will make it much more special. Instead of saying “you make me so happy,” give a deeper example of what this looks like in your relationship.


Hire a videographer to capture them

Your husband’s vows are sweet and will probably produce tears. But as special as they are, they can be shuffled in the blur of the day’s activity. By having it professionally captured on camera, you’ll get to relive those moments for a lifetime. Plus videographers can even film it from different angles. What a special thing to have! Here are some of our favorite videographers.


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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows