Inside the Life of Singer // Songwriter Alex Masters

Dreams and inspirations often stem from your roots – family, friends, and experiences. Some people find their passion in cooking, others in planning weddings. Alex Masters found her passion in singing and songwriting.


“I’ve been singing since before I could talk.”

She was born in Denver, CO. At age 4, she and her family moved to a quaint hobby farm in Berryville, VA. Writing and singing has always been very natural for her.

“My Parents have home videos of me singing while playing an old four-stringed, out of tune guitar at age 4, making up songs.”

Growing up, she enjoyed the music of Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and the Dixie Chicks. She currently enjoys artists who are real and songs that have passion behind them. She knew she wanted to be one of these “real” artists and pursuing music as a career. After graduating high school so she moved to Nashville, TN and attended Belmont University. She had the opportunity to study right across from music row in Nashville and interned under Grammy-winning songwriter Brett James at Cornman Music.

“I get my song ideas from my life.”

Her music comes from what she knows and her songs are written about experiences she’s had, ones she hopes to have, or ones where something happens and the emotions she feels are so strong, that she has to write about it right then and there. Other times ideas hit her while she is driving, in bed or in deep reflection and she pulls out her phone to write or record it. She is very inspired when she visits home in Berryville. She tends to find inspiration wherever she goes- in places new and old. Alex Masters in an amazing young woman and she has been very successful. Her first album was released in July 2011 titled, “Long Way Home”. She is currently finishing up a project called 12 in 12, where a new song is released each month for an entire year.

“It was an incredible experience and I plan on turning the project into an album.”

Another incredible experience she has had, was marrying her best friend, Spencer Combs, in October 2009. They just celebrated their three-year anniversary this past October.

“He’s my best friend and I think he’s just incredible. We got married on the beach in Del Mar, CA. It was absolutely gorgeous weather, simple décor, and all of our amazing friends and family were there. It couldn’t have been better!”

Marriage is a wonderful and special time for couples who have found the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. It is the one they think about when they wake up in the morning and when going to bed. It is the person they want to have the perfect dream wedding and share every moment with. Love can be represented in many ways and sometimes without having to say anything at all. Sometimes love can be represented through song on the wedding day. Many of Masters’ songs have been used by wedding videographers around the country.

Unsure of how many have been used, one used most frequently is called “Only I Do”. Due to the popularity of her songs in weddings and wedding videos, Masters created a link to licensing downloads for wedding videographers. Newer songs from her latest “12 in 12” will filter within the next few weeks.

Masters is happily married to a wonderful man whose job is to capture love in another way. Her husband Spencer Combs is a photographer and shoots many weddings. He was named one of the top 20 rising stars of wedding photography by PDN (Photo District News) Magazine this year. He has also won many photography awards including MN Bride Photographer of the Year in 2010. The dynamic duo works together to make other couples’ wedding day special as much as theirs. They also work together to help others in need. They recently launched a new company called Orchard Tables. For every table sold, at least 15 starving children in Swaziland, Africa are fed for entire month.

Alex Masters is a one of a kind individual. She is a talented artist who found her roots, which has helped her become the amazing singer and songwriter she is. She found herself happily married to a man, who like herself, indirectly helps other couples be happy on their wedding day and she wants to help others less fortunate. So what’s in store for Alex Masters in the next five to ten years?

“The next 5-10 years is such a broad spectrum. In the next 5 years, I’d love to be making a living by writing songs, recording and performing. It would be incredible to be a successful country-pop artist, going on major tours, having songs on the radio, and getting to be a great, positive, grounded role model. I’d love to be blessed with the means to give SO much to help change the world”¦build wells, feed starving people, diminish sex trafficking, and so much more. In the next ten years, I’d love to start a family with my husband, while still pursuing my career as an artist.”

It seems that her dreams are off to a good start in her life towards family and fame. This goes to show that dreams and aspirations are possible if you just believe in yourself and allow your background to help guide you to your true path and that anything is possible! So what are your dreams and aspirations – a chef, a wedding photographer, a wedding planner, or a singer? The opportunities are endless and you should never limit yourself. Alex Masters never did and look where she is today. Congratulations!

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Inside the Life of Singer // Songwriter Alex Masters