Turn Your Engagement Shoot into Date Night!

You want to hear the #1 concern I hear from couples before engagement sessions? They’re worried that one (or both) of them is going to be uncomfortable the entire time. They’re worried it will be stressful instead of fun.

Believe me babe, neither of us want that. So, take a deep breath with me and let’s talk about how to make this fun.

Let’s plan ahead.

The best dates tend to be thought out, so let’s do that! If we want you to feel super comfortable and actually *gasp* enjoy your photoshoot, it’s going to take some prep. Brainstorm some of your favorite dates you might want to replay. Make a list of “dream dates” in your city.

Your photoshoot is about a lot more than just posing for the camera. The more fun and in your element you can be, the better your images will turn out.

Include food, drinks and your favorite activities.

I don’t know about you, but the best dates I’ve ever been on almost always involve brunch, drinks or dinner. It might sound weird, but including your favorite restaurant or brewery in your session is a super fun way make it personal. Believe me, no one wants photos of you with your mouth open chewing, so don’t worry about that.

What I want is for you to eat, drink and literally be merry. We’ll toast to your love, whether with whiskey, beer or pizza slices, and it’ll help you feel comfortable and loose in your shoot.

Pick a spot that feels super comfy for you.

Some of the best dates involve revisiting favorite spots that already hold memories for you. Consider that when we start planning our engagement session! Where have you been that you loved? What places do you back and revisit when you have a free evening or afternoon because you just can’t get enough. Let’s go there.

If you have a favorite park you bring the dog, let’s go for a walk. If you love being out on the town, let’s go on an urban adventure to get some sweet shots. If you have a cabin on a lake and want to go get some shots in your element there, I’m 100% in. I want your session to look and feel like you, and part of that is feeling comfortable in that location.

Dress like you’re going on a date.

This is a big one. I never want clients’ to feel like they have to dress up in black tie attire that’s going to make them uncomfortable. (But please, if that’s something that makes you feel confident, let’s make it happen!)

However, most couples don’t feel all that comfortable in super formal clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look nice. Think about your session as a date night when you pick out outfits. Something that’s classy and you’d feel good wearing to a pretty nice restaurant.

Pro tip: If you are thinking of doing an outfit change in during your session, start in your more casual get up. This tends to feel the most comfortable for most couples and will likely be easier to move around in (ladies I’m looking at you!) If you have one outfit that involves your best pair of jeans and another that has a sports coat or fun, twirly skirt.

Get in the right frame of mind.

Dates are never much fun when you’re in a bad mood, fighting with your person. So go into your shoot like you would a big date you have planned. My goal is always for you to leave our session more in love with your babe than you were when you got there, but I can’t do that all on my own.

I need you to come with an open mind, a positive outlook and the goal to love on each other for real, for real so I can capture it on camera for you. But that can’t happen if you’re frowning or dreading your shoot the whole time!

So let’s take a deep breath and plan this all out in advance so you feel confident and carefree going into your engagement session!

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Turn Your Engagement Shoot into Date Night!