V.I.B. Katie Cohen’s Perspective: Dessert Alternatives!!

The indication to yourself and your guests that you had a fabulous wedding was how every last detail appeared perfectly throughout and nothing had been overlooked. The ceremony was heartfelt, the cocktail hour was entertaining and every morsel of food was mouthwatering. Then that moment came: dessert. Did you decide to go with tradition and have the 3-tiered cake? Or did go for something more, something different? Everyone including myself loves a good piece of cake every now and again. My fiancés favorite is red velvet! There are so many fabulous options to choose from for dessert these days, you can let your dreams run wild!

Dessert #1 Gourmet Popcorn Buffet


For a sweet and savory combo that guests will love, bring back your childhood memories with American favorites such as white cheddar, caramel, kettle corn and of course lots of butter! I found one company that I’m using myself called Lasting Impressions by Amy that offers popcorn buffets with traditional flavors as well as offers specialty lines of flavors. My favorite is the After 5 line with spiked popcorn containing flavors like Pina Colada, Merlot and Margarita. If you are looking to color coordinate your treats to your wedding colors, this is definitely trending so no worries! There is a popcorn flavor that comes in every color of the rainbow to enrich your décor. One thing I like about Lasting Impressions is that they give you a personalized thank you sign to display along with a picture of you and your fiancé. They also bring bags and ties to wrap up leftover treats for your guests to bring home.

Photo Provided by Lasting Impressions by Amy

Dessert #2 Personalized Chocolate Treats


M&Ms, chocolate bars, chocolate coins and more can be personalized with your wedding date, colors and names. Most of all who doesn’t love chocolate?! Getting displays of different shapes and sizes will be very pleasing to the eye. Don’t forget to get creative and most of all have fun!

Photo Provided by Lasting Impressions by Amy

Dessert #3 Candy Buffet

A broad candy buffet means guests won’t even miss a wedding cake if you do decide to skip it. Choose a wide variety of sweet, sour, nutty and chocolate-y candy and display them in fancy dishes. A fun way to spice it up is to pick candy in all of your colors. My favorite candies that come in a variety of colors include rock candy, jellybeans, M&M’s, Starburst and Skittles. Giving each guest a goody bag or jar to fill up on could count as a take home gift at the end of the night.

A few more dessert ideas you can find from a variety of vendors or can make at home:

Photo Provided by Lasting Impressions by Amy

Dessert #4 Cake Pops
Cake pops are decadent little bites on a stick! They can be dipped, coated, sprinkled and frosted in any colorful pallet to look like a lollipop. You can have a variety of flavors so you aren’t limited to just one. They are also really easy to make, so a few family members or friends could always pitch in and bake them for you! One fun thing I have been seeing added to cake pops is a little flag. See the picture of the cake pops they have a flag titled Love is Sweet (and a little nuts); now how cute is that!

Photo Provided by Anatoliy D Photography

Dessert #5 Cupcakes

With so many options, how can you choose just one! Having cupcakes in a variety of flavors will surely tantalize all of your guest’s taste buds. I found a bakery in St. Paul called PJ Murphy’s Bakeries at www.pjmurphybakery.com where the most fancy cupcake is still half the price of competitors. This includes whatever cake, filling, frosting and decorations! Think chocolate cupcakes with a fudge filling, mint cream cheese frosting with chocolate shavings on top! For my wedding, they are making angel food cake cupcakes with a strawberry filling, cream cheese frosting, a strawberry on top with coconut shavings. Another great bakery is Cake Walk. They have an amazing Strawberry Shortcake version with angel food cake. Think about having a smaller cake with cupcakes. This will reduce your cost significantly. You’ll still be able to cut into your cake, but also have a variety of flavored cupcakes for your guests to indulge in. Another way to shave cost is to order a few less pieces of cake or cupcakes since not everyone will be eating dessert. Be careful not to slim down too much though! Last thing you want is to be short on sweets for grandma and grandpa. Photo Provided by Anatoliy D Photography

Have fun planning and possibly decorating one of the sweetest moments of the wedding!

Author: Katie Cohen | V.I.B. Bride

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V.I.B. Katie Cohen’s Perspective: Dessert Alternatives!!