Wedding Day Damage Control

As a little girl you dream about your wedding day, the way your dress is going to look coming down a flight of marble stairs, your husband (tall dark and handsome) standing up by his groomsmen waiting for you to walk down the isle, and all your wedding guests complimenting you right and left on what a great wedding it is.

But when your husband’s best man drinks a little bit too much, destroys the DJ’s sound system, drops his beer glasses all over the dance floor (3 times), and rips his rental tux… you may have to do damage control. (hopefully that NEVER happens)

How to prevent any of your guests from getting out of control:

Alert the Bartender

You or your wedding planner should speak with the head bartender at the reception to make sure they keep an eye out for heavy drinkers and give them permission to stop serving them if they get out of control. has a lot of great venues that have wedding coordinators that will handle the situation without having to ask.

Serve Food Later in the Evening

Along with a delicious meal around 5pm, be sure to bring out pizza, sandwiches, or a dessert bar later in the evening around 9pm to insure your guests aren’t drinking on empty stomachs.

Absorption of alcohol is delayed and peak blood alcohol concentrations are reduced if you have food in your stomach, which makes for more sober guests. has a great selection of caterers that will help you fill your guests’ tummies at dinner time and later in the evening.

Groomsmen can Actually Help you out

Talk to your groomsmen about proper wedding etiquette. Ask them to help each other be responsible and to not get out of control. If that doesn’t work… threaten to unfriend them from Facebook.

Have Transportation for your Guests

If you’re having your reception at a hotel, insist that your guests make a room reservation and stay over night.
If you’re having your reception at a place that does not have sleeping arrangements available, think about hiring a transportation company that will allow your guests to be taken from the reception to their hotel or house. This way you prevent anyone who may have had too much to drink from driving home.

Don’t Drink too Much Yourself

No one likes a sloppy bride and groom… okay maybe the guests enjoy watching you try to do the worm on the dance floor, but you never want to be a sloppy bride on your wedding day.
You and your husband will be mingling with your guests and probably drinking while doing so. Be sure to keep track of how much you and your husband have had to drink that night.

Pace yourself and have a good time!
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Wedding Day Damage Control