Apple Orchard Engagement


With fall in full swing and engagement season upon us, I am feeling very reminiscent of when my husband, Austin proposed to me! It’s been just over two years already since he popped the question but it feels like it was just yesterday. I want to share with you exactly how he proposed.

September 24, 2015. This day isn’t just the day I got engaged but also Austin’s birthday! Yup, he proposed on his birthday. His birthday fell on a Thursday that year and he said the Friday after he had a fancy dinner date planned. The dinner made me think he was going to propose that day (which was all in his plan to mislead me). Leading up to Austin’s birthday, I was helping his mom plan a “surprise party” for him. I was in charge of keeping him out of the house and picking up apple cider and doughnuts from our favorite orchard. With this being said, I made plans that I believed were all my idea. So I told Austin I would pick him up after I got out of work, then we’d go to lunch and head to the apple orchard to pick apples for the afternoon.

Jumping forward to the day of, I started my day at work where oddly enough all of my coworkers seemed to be very interested in what I was doing once I got out of work. So not thinking much of it, I told them we were throwing my boyfriend a birthday party. Once I got out of work I met up with my best friend to run an errand before heading to get Austin. I was excited telling him what I was planning on wearing and the plans for the day (thinking I was being so sneaky with the plans). While we were out Eli asked “Do you think he’s going to propose today?”…..I just looked at him and responded with a “No, we have his party today! We’re going on a date tomorrow though and he is making it sound like it’s happening then.” Not thinking much of his comment I went home to get ready and to pick-up Austin. We went out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants and then headed to the apple orchard.



When we got to the orchard, a lady told us the apples were pretty picked over and to come back next week for better picking. Austin was very intent on getting apples though so she gave us a bag and we went out to walk the orchard. We were having a great time, at least attempting to find apples to pick. At one point I was on one side of the tree and Austin was on the other. Then behind me I hear him ask “How about this apple?” I quickly responded without looking “I’m sure it’s fine, babe.”

Then he told me to actually look at it so when I turned around, he was standing there with an apple in his hand and a ring sitting right on top. I froze instantly and looked at him in disbelief. He grabbed my hand, pulled me next to him and proceeded to get down on one knee. With tears streaming down my face, he began to say how much he loved me along with a bunch of other stuff that I literally cannot remember.



At one point I looked to my left and there I saw Abbey from Abbey Moore Photography standing there snapping pictures of the whole thing. As you may have have guessed, I said “YES”.

I stood there in shock for a few minutes while he talked me through all the details and how he had planned it all. We then took photos around the orchard and called our friends and family to tell them the news. Which then led to the final surprise that our friends and family were meeting us for dinner that evening to celebrate!



It was a whirlwind of a day. I was just so surprised how he had managed to pull it off! Looking back on the day, there were so many things that hinted at the engagement happening but I was very oblivious (thankfully because being surprised was the best, I’m very glad I didn’t catch on).

Long story short, my coworkers and best friend knew what was happening, there was no surprise birthday party and our fancy date was to celebrate the engagement. Not to mention I got engaged to my best friend!!










We also want to congratulate all of the newly engaged couples out there! Enjoy this wonderful time of being a fiancé and preparing to be a wife!

Have a fun engagement story? We want to see the photos and hear all about it! Submit here!

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Apple Orchard Engagement