A Cozy Proposal at Aster Cafe

Remember the moment in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler proposes to Drew Barrymore’s character with a song over a plane intercom? Or how about the proposal in Sweet Home Alabama inside the Tiffany & Co. store after business hours? And does it get any dreamier than Mr. Darcy expressing his love so raw and eloquently to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice ? Movies and books have given us an endless array of what a romantic proposal looks like, but it’s a rare thing for us to see one for ourselves. We have a proposal story that will remind us that sometimes “real life” love stories are better than the movies. Oh, and it’s all caught on film. Grab some tissues.


Dan and Jess met a year ago through their mutual friends. One evening when their friends were no-shows to an outing, their story began. On this evening, they had their first “friend-adventure” and didn’t end up needing the extra company of their friends after all. These get togethers became more frequent until, as Dan says, they “began to see the possibilities.”

After a month Jess agreed to go on a “real” date with Dan and he decided that leaving her disappointed was not an option. Dan told us, “Jess was the catch that I wasn’t going to lose by taking her on a typical date.” Dan knew Jess was the real deal and wanted to create an unforgettable evening for her. After sitting down and officially asking her parents for permission to take her on a date, he began to plan their first date.

The night began with dinner at Cafe Lurcat in Minneapolis and proceeded with a ride that wouldn’t soon be forgotten. “I needed to make this better than the normal first date, so I surprised Jess with a horse and carriage ride.” Starting at Nicollet Island, riding all through the cities and ending at the Stone Arch Bridge. They finished off the night with some cuddling and talking under the stars at French Park. “I wish I could say it was the best day of my life, but since that date, our days together continue to get better.” Swoon…

It didn’t take long for Dan to know without a doubt that Jess was the one he wanted to experience everything with, forever. He dreamed about writing a song and proposing to his future wife since he was very young, so he got both his and Jess’ friends and family in on his romantic plan. Dan told Jess he would be gone for the weekend to divert any suspicion and it worked. She went out with both their mothers for a mani and pedi date. The girls then journeyed to Aster Cafe in Minneapolis, where the city lights lit up the sky across the river. Known for its romantic ambiance, Forever Bride vendor Aster Cafe, would set the stage for the magical proposal.

When Dan came on stage, the only word Jess could say was a simple “WHAT?” and as Dan began to play his guitar, family and friends gathered around. Jess got to hear him sing for the very first time that night. In her words, “It was better than any fairy-tale I could have imagined.” Dan serenaded Jess with his own lyrics dedicated to her before dropping to one knee and proposing. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she answered “Absolutely.” Watch the video below to relive their special moment.

The couple is going to marry on May 22 at Fridley United Methodist Church with a reception at Passion Event Center. Take a peak at some of their engagement pictures below.


Proposal images by: Slav Photography
Engagement images by: L&E Photography

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A Cozy Proposal at Aster Cafe