Wedding trends from 100 years ago

The great thing about a wedding is that it can follow any kind of trend that it wants! Have you ever wondered what a blushing bride looked like 100 years ago? Your curiosity will be put to rest as we journey back in time to weddings of the early 1900s! You might even discover something you want to incorporate into your own wedding plans. Lavish parties, fun and enjoyment was the aim of the flapper movement, which exploded in the 1920s, so you can imagine that many brides from this era followed this unique fashion trend. Just think “The Great Gatsby” kind of theme and you’ve got a visual of this exciting era!


Many brides don’t feel complete unless they have a beautiful veil to complete their look. From long veils to short veils, we have quite the variety to pick from nowadays. 100 years ago, these brides walked down the aisle without a veil, instead they were keeping it simple by wearing a bell shaped hat that covers the ears, called a cloche.


A recurring trend that is just as popular today as it was in the early 1900s is bold red lipstick. You don’t have to be a bride walking down the aisle to see women sporting this trend. It was very popular to see a 1900s bride stand out by wearing this flashy color. The makeup trends from the 1900s were a bit different from where they are today. You wouldn’t find these brides sunbathing on the beach or sticking fake eyelashes on. Back then, a soft, pale appearance was sought after. Women would hide in the shade or take cover from the sun’s rays indoors.


Hair extensions? Nope! Even if hair extensions were a thing, you wouldn’t see brides in the early 1900s envying long hair. Brides from 100 years ago were not seeking long, luscious hair. You would see short hairstyles walking down the aisle that were popularized by the Flapper movement. Many 1900s brides went for the pinned up wavy look.


Many brides continue to find inspiration from past fashion trends making for a unique, memorable style. Look through some images of historical weddings and you might just find a look you adore!

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Wedding trends from 100 years ago