The Bow Tie Is Back!

“The bow tie has definitely made a resurgence in the last few years,” says Renee Larson, owner of The Bow Tie Shoppe. Renee’s masterpieces are handmade right in Minneapolis. “They aren’t just for black-tie events or southern gentlemen anymore. They can be worn casual or dressy and the fabrications vary from silk to re-purposed Pendelton wool-salvaged from grandpas old shirt.” The creativity and ideas are endless.



The bow tie made it’s first appearance in the early 1700’s! Europeans began to wear scarves over their necks to hold together their collars. As soon as the upper-class French leaders in fashion got wind of this new trend they turned the idea into what we know today as the bow tie. In the 1880’s the design of the bow tie evolved into the classic black bow tie we know to be worn at both modern and historical “black tie” events. The bow tie has made its appearance in black tie events but has also developed quite a bit over the last decade.

The bow tie is no longer restricted to formal occasions but is now worn for a pop of color or an outfit topper with casual every day clothing. In the last couple of years the bow tie has even extended its limits to women! Women have begun to wear bow ties on their wrists to match their dates bow tie or even just to make their own fashion statement.

You can see that the bow tie has endured through all eras since its inception. It is truly a perfect compliment to any suit, dress, or occasion!

The Bow Tie Shoppe offers unique prints and fabric pairings and is committed to working with each client to create the perfect bow tie, necktie or pocket square. Whether you are looking for a bow tie to match your shoes or to match your brides bouquet, The Bow Tie Shoppe can make you a one of a kind bow tie to match your occasion.

Special thank you to The Bow Tie Shoppe for their images. Be sure to see all our vendor options for Wedding Fashion: ‘Suits & Tuxedoes’ as well as ‘Jewelry & Accessoreis.’

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The Bow Tie Is Back!