Online Wedding Dress Scams: What You Need To Know

With so many different costs and elements included in planning a wedding, it’s understandable why a bride would want to save some time and money by buying a wedding dress online. Heck, the world wide web is a feast for our eyes when it comes to beautiful images of wedding dresses. More than ever, women are buying their dress online, but unfortunately it’s rarely a happy ending. We talked with premium Forever Bride vendor, The Wedding Connection, to get the answers to all your questions about buying online.

1. Is buying a wedding dress online safe? It’s safe in the regards that you will end up with a dress. It’s not safe in the regards that the dress you thought you bought online might not look like the dress that arrives to your house. Maybe 5% of the time the bride is happy with her purchase however the 95% of the other time it’s a disaster.

2. Are there any warning signs to keep in mind when shopping online for dresses? Google “dresses bought online”. That should be your warning sign right there. Look into their reviews and read everything you can about the site you choose to order from.

3. What advice do you have for brides considering buying a dress online? Is it worth it? Honestly, it’s not worth buying online. We have heard too many terrible and unfortunate stories about brides who choose to go this route. More than likely you’ll end up spending more money either in a lot of alterations or buying a whole new wedding gown.

4. What are some of the outcomes you’ve seen from buying a wedding dress online? Meg, owner of The Wedding Connection, has seen a dress bought online in person. What was sent was a replica and not the actual designer’s dress. The lace was completely different when comparing them side by side. It was wrinkled, flimsy and cheap compared to the hard, thick textured lace we sell in store.

Below, you can see the dress viewed online and purchased on the left. To the right, you can see the dress that was received. There’s a plethora of photos like this on the internet, simply search “online wedding dress shopping”

The overwhelming consensus? Take the extra time and spend the extra money to get a dress you love the first time around because the resulting headache isn’t worth it. If you have more questions, The Wedding Connection is a wonderful resource. Visit any one of these wonderful vendors to start the journey to find your dream wedding dress and save money with their exclusive Forever Bride deals: Heartstrings Bridal, Raffiné Bridal, Inspire Bridal Boutique, Xandy’s Bridal House, I Do-Two Bridal & Consigment, Bella Bridal Boutique, Che Bella, The White Room and The Wedding Connection.


Happy dress shopping!

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Online Wedding Dress Scams: What You Need To Know