What ARE You Going to Wear??

When planning your wedding, one of the first things the bride considers is of course the dress! What the bride wore is always a major part of the wedding. What often gets unconsidered is what you are going to wear to the bridal showers, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner! These are times when all eyes are on you. Remember: This is your day! A bride wants to feel beautiful during all aspects of her upcoming wedding and deciding what to wear for these events is at times stressful. Here is a guide to what to wear throughout the events leading up to your wedding!

Bridal Shower
Wear white! Even though it is not your wedding day, wearing white symbolizes that you are the bride-to-be. You can bring out personality and character by accessorizing with bright colors. You are the bride and NO ONE should be wearing white but you!

Give the extra effort! It is fun to stand out when it is your day! Give the extra effort by getting your hair and make-up done, or wear statement-piece jewelry. Though your beaming with happiness and wearing a beautiful new ring, it is important to do a few extra things to show that you are the bride!


Bachelorette Party

Although you likely have not been single for some time, this night is considered your “last single girls night”. This is the night to pull out the high heels, glitter-covered mini dress and teased hair. You may be the girl that hates sashes and headpieces declaring you are the bride, but this is the only bachelorette party you will ever have! Wear the sash and let it be known that you are getting married!


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Rehearsal Dinner

It is the night before your wedding day! However with all the planning you have already done, what you are going to wear for the rehearsal dinner was probably on the back burner. When considering what to wear to your rehearsal dinner, it is often fun to do something that is totally different than your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is very simple, maybe wear a dress that has more character and lots of color. If your wedding dress has lots of detail and considered a “˜statement piece’, go simple with the rehearsal dinner, a cocktail dress in one bold color. Either way you go, comfort and confidence are the most important. Your mind will likely be running about the following day’s events and you do not want to feel uncomfortable in your outfit!


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What ARE You Going to Wear??