Consider Consignment

There are many engaged couples with budgets varying from the wedding that spares no expense to the $2,000 wedding. There are a lot of options the wedding couple has in planning their big day. Here are some great reasons to consider consignment when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

1. It’s great for your wedding budget

At first glance, that designer wedding dress of your dreams may seem beyond your reach due to budget constraints, but the ideal dress is within reach when you shop consignment. You can score huge discounts on high-end, name-brand and vintage wedding dresses. Prices are based on the retail cost of the dress as well as style, age, and condition. You never know what you’re going to find for a significantly lower price!


2. It’s great for you

When your big day is over, you will most likely have no need for the vases you used as centerpieces, the 30 table runners, the flower arrangements, the ring bearer pillow, etc. Consigning is advantageous to you because you get to resell the items you no longer have a use for and are taking up space in your home. Plus, you get back a portion of the money you spent on these items. It’s found money!

Consigning saves you time. When you consign with us, you bring your items in, and we do the rest for you. Pricing, displaying and hopefully selling your items is no longer your concern. While consigning your wedding items won’t make you rich, it will provide a welcome rebate on purchases whose usefulness has run its course. And, of course, that money can be joyfully re-spent on future budget priorities now that the wedding is over.

Bridal Aisle believes in the principle of consignment = community. The exchange of resources at a local level is a key driver to economic growth. Our mission is to present a warm and professional environment for consignors and customers alike. When you shop at a consignment store, you help support our local economy.And you are making someone else happy with your treasure. Something you no longer need might be exactly what someone else is looking for. Consignment shopping is for anyone who likes a great deal while still getting the brands and the quality they deserve. Thrift stores receive donated items to which the previous owner attached little to no value, while consignment shops have higher standards for the items they have in stock.

3. It’s great for the environment

With all the emphasis on going green these days, an earth-friendly trend remains “” consignment shopping. Consigning is another way to do your part to recycle. Despite the great efforts of charities, consignment, vintage and thrift stores each year, only about 1.3 million tons of textile waste is actually recycled, the EPA reports, compared to the 13 million tons dumped. When you factor in the resources used to make, package, transport, and sell things such as clothes, sheets, and towels, the importance of reusing textiles becomes clearer.

The benefits of consigning are endless and Bridal Aisle wants to provide you with your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost. We take great care in setting up the showroom gallery to display all of your consigned wedding items. We are fortunate to continually receive new and unique pieces in fabulous condition, and people have learned that things don’t hang around too long. The centerpieces or the dress that you fell in love with today may be snatched up tomorrow. Which is all the more reason to purchase today!


Why pay the difference, if you can’t tell the difference?

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Consider Consignment