Forever Feature: Alchemy 365

Working out for your wedding?

Step no further! Stop sweating how exactly to workout and start sweating with Alchemy (wink!).Through a variety of fun yet challenging fitness classes, Alchemy combines yoga, strength, and intense conditioning to change the body and renew the mind.It’s the perfect way to de-stress from wedding planning while getting toned for your beautiful white dress.

Christy of Alchemy takes us behind the scenes of how the company started + their inspiration…to what classes they offer + what that looks like exactly.Plus, keep scrolling to find out how to get a free week of workout classes!

Plus, Alchemy is the perfect place to host part of your bachelorette party! In fact, mention that you are a Forever Bride member and you’ll get a private class for only $250!! Think of it as a VIP Party–a private class that’s a fun and unique way to bring together your friends, family, whomever and let loose before the big day. You (the bride) gets to choose the signature class, specific music and any workout requests. Then you get the studio post class for an hour to use it how you choose–social hour, happy hour, photos, you name it. Plus, they’ll provide the snacks and beverages. (More details HERE!)

Without any further ado, let’s admire the photos RaeLyn Nicole Photography snapped to get a real feel of what Alchemy’s classes look like, along with Christy’s insider info about their classes.



How did Alchemy 365 start & what is the inspiration behind it?

Christy: Influenced and inspired by different forms of fitness, Alchemy’s founders set out in 2013 to bridge the gap between some of the most effective forms of yoga, strength, and cardiovascular training. By seamlessly blending the very best attributes of these disciplines, they developed a high energy array of classes: the core A10/20, AStrong, AFlow and APulse. Together, these classes leave no fitness rock unturned and no need for any other membership. Our founders previously operated some of Minnesota’s most successful CrossFit gyms and yoga studios, with Alchemy they offer the most well rounded and comprehensive fitness experience on the market. Alchemy’s purpose is to make people feel more alive. That people might pursue their legends via their experience with Alchemy is the inspiration behind it’s brand.


Why is Alchemy 365 a place for brides?

Christy: Alchemy is for anybody. We truly believe that. We are the answer to brides looking to feel more alive, get fitter, and stay healthy during their wedding planning. Our product works –with varied and intentional programming, Alchemy sets out to change the body and renew the mind. Perfect for wedding prep!



Is this a place for anyone & everyone? Do you have to be experienced to take classes here?

Christy: There is no athletic requirement to take class. Our coaches are well-trained to customize any workout for your individual needs. Don’t fear a workout based on a movement you are unfamiliar with or cannot perform, your coach will adjust it for you. We can guarantee a great workout for the most fit and the newest athletes in the room.


What type of classes do you offer?

Christy: We have developed an array of classes: the core A10/20, AStrong, AFlow and APulse.


What types of packages or memberships can people choose from? Do you offer any special packages for brides like personal training or group training?

Christy: Our entire schedule if full of group fitness classes. You’re a bride that wants a tight knit community of athletes and coaches to hold you accountable, that’s who we are. Each Alchemy is outfitted with four full-time staff who call you by name, and keep you accountable to your goals!

We offer both memberships and class packs:
Membership: $95 for your first month always, then $155 monthly from there (believe us, after month one you will want to stay)

Class Packs:

20 Class Pack: $200

10 Class Pack: $180


What can a newcomer expect?

Christy: Expect to walk in feeling a little antsy and walk out feeling alive. Trying something new is always a little scary, our incredible staff will put you at ease the moment you walk through our door. Give it a shot, dive in, have fun, and pursue your legend #PYL!

Anything else you’d like people to know?

Christy: We are always up to fun things! Check out the Sunday Huddle for all Alchemy Events!


What should one do to prepare for a workout with Alchemy 365?

Christy: Towels, mats, and shoes are not required for A10/A20 classes! We have water for sale and filtered water fountains to fill up your own bottle. Towels are complimentary!

Do you have other services or perks at your locations to offer other than workout classes?

Christy: We have Alchemy Retreats for 2018!

When we say Pursue Your Legend, we mean for you to seek the extraordinary. Surf Nicaragua. Cruise Croatia. Run Iceland. Trek Peru. Your next adventure awaits, and Alchemy Retreats is where you find it. Email us at to register.


Any deals for Forever Bride members?

Christy: Would love to offer any readers a FREE WEEK!

Show this article to the Front Desk Staff and you get a free week from Alchemy!


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Happy working out!

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Forever Feature: Alchemy 365