Forever Feature: Beachfront Wedding Venue in Minnesota


Incase you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re not from Minnesota, there is this magical resort located on the North Shore of good ole’ Twin Harbors, MN. Pictures do not do it justice, but Kelsey of KLB Photography got pretty dang close! This resort and conference center is family owned and goes above and beyond in everything they do. In this Forever Feature you will learn the in’s and out’s ofSuperior Shores from the master herself, Jenna Pederson. Jenna is the Co-General Manager / Director of Sales and Marketing and she is one of the many friendly staff members that will help you during your wedding planning party!


What is your mission?
To provide all of our guests with top-notch service, and exceed expectations in all aspects of
hospitality and customer service.

I can back this up 100%! They are not like that rude bank teller that makes you feel stupid for not knowing your routing number from your account number when you are trying to deposit a check”¦ Hopefully I’m not alone on that one!


How long has your company been in business?
We have been in hospitality since the mid 80’s, and have been a premier wedding destination
since 1996.

Did you know 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years? So the fact that Superior Shores has been operating for over 20 years tells me they are doing something right!


What are the company’s top three core values?
Integrity, honesty, loyalty – and humor. Don’t forget humor.

my favorite: Q. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A. A nervous wreck.


How many people can you host? What is included in your rental cost?
We can hold up to 280 in our ballroom, and 184 in our restaurant/lounge.
Included in the rental cost is almost everything you need for your ceremony and reception! It
includes the ballroom rental, expansive lawn area, beach ceremony site, set up, clean up, linens,
service staff, tables and chairs both in and outdoors, bar and bartender, event coordinator,
dance floor, discounted lodging for bride and groom, food tasting.

Is there anything that sets you apart from other companies?
We are family owned and operated – we treat you as though you are our family. We have the
ability to go above and beyond to exceed expectations that corporate businesses may not be
able to do. We also have the only beach ceremony site and the biggest ballroom on the north


From starting the business to where the company is today, what been some of the biggest
challenges and how did the company overcome them?

Every company faces challenges; the industry is ever-evolving. We believe it’s the way we react
to those challenges that sets us apart. We aim to react to challenges with dignity, respect, and


What are some of your goals for 2018/2019?
We’d love to see more off-season weddings, as well as expand our midweek corporate groups.

Are you looking for a place to host your company retreat or Holiday party? Check out Superior Shores! (And then send me an invite!)


To what do you attribute your success/company’s success (hard work, luck, others, etc)?
Teamwork. We are who we are because we work as a team, and are willing to go above and
beyond, not only for our guest, but for each other as well. Of course, we are also lucky to have
the great couples that we do!

*Cue one big: Awwwww!*


If you could give the world, your friends, or your clients, one piece of advice, what would it be?
Well, it sounds cliché, but “˜don’t sweat the small stuff!’ This is just so true. Remember your end
goal and work towards it; whether it be parenting, at your job, or your wedding day – just
remember what you are here for, and don’t let the little things get in your way or bog you down.



What are you currently watching on Netflix OR what is your favorite book right now?
I enjoy reading every night – it’s a way I can unwind, lose myself in another world, and just take
time for myself (well that, and the kids don’t give up the remote) – I am currently enjoying
Ken Follet’s Kingsbridge trilogy, which began with Pillars of the Earth. The third book recently
came out, and it’s a fantastic voyage back in time!

Definitely will have to add that to my list of books to read! First, let me finish this episode of The Office”¦




There you have it ladies & gentleman! If you have any questions comment below or email Jenna at and be sure to mention you found them on Forever Bride to receive a special deal!

You can also find Superior Shores on our recent blog, 36 of the Best + Most Unique Wedding Venues in MN! Don’t forget they have the only beach ceremony site and the biggest ballroom on the north shore!!! I think that is so cool! Be sure to share this article with a friend or on Facebook if you agree 🙂

Stay tuned because next week I am introducing you to the most entertaining DJ and musician of all time Rock It Man Entertainment!!!

Written by Sam Schulze, Marketing Manger at Forever Bride, dog mama, and life enthusiast.

photographer // KLB Photography

venue // Superior Shores

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Forever Feature: Beachfront Wedding Venue in Minnesota