Forever Feature: Dylan + Katie Photography

Dylan + Katie met at the grocery store checkout, dated for three weeks, spent six months apart on opposite sides of the world, and then decided to never leave each other’s side again. They’ve been married for over six years and have traveled the country, living in eight states. Now they have decided to put roots down in their home state of Minnesota, where they setDylan + Katie Photography into motion.

Forever Bride had the opportunity to sit down with the ultra talented + oh-so adorable couple. Seated outside of the quaint Rustica coffee shop, we chatted about their own love story with both each other and their incredible photography journey + business. In the swirl of fascinating conversation, we listened as they spoke of their candid photography approach and being a calming presence for the bride + groom, while they admirably finished each other’s sentences.

Titling their Forever Bride listing with “We believe in soul mates and love at first sight,” we totally see why. Dylan + Katie are a genuine, joy-filled example of true love themselves.We know you will love them as much as we do!


So how did you two meet?

Dylan: I usually got a couple months off of work around December and January, so I was back home for the holidays. The day after Christmas I stopped into the co-op by my mom’s house to buy a couple things, and Katie happened to be working and was my cashier. I went home and immediately turned around and went back. I just kept thinking “˜I need to know this person’.

Katie: So he “forgot coffee”.

Dylan: So I went back and bought another bag of coffee and asked her out.

Katie: I was home from college at the time, and knew I would be going back in a few days, but he insisted our date would just be for fun. We dated for 3 weeks, and then I went to study abroad in Malta, and he moved to Hawaii for work. We were on opposite sides of the world, with a 12 hour time difference for the next 6 months.

Dylan: It was a long six months.

Katie: So during our first year, we didn’t actually spend that much physical time together, but we both just knew it was meant to be.

Dylan: We were engaged that first year.


How did you start your photography business?

Dylan: Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but it slowly built up into something we could turn into a business.

Katie: In the last 5 years we moved 19 times and lived in 8 different states. We wanted something more stable, where we could be home and enjoy being around the people we love. So we chose the stable life of entrepreneurship..

Why did you guys move so many times?

Katie: We both worked in the construction industry, and ended up going wherever the next project was.

Dylan: From the East Coast to the West Coast, to Hawaii. We never had a say in where we were being sent, we would just pack our things and go.


When did you start finding your passion in photography?

Dylan: Right after we got married I bought my first DSLR camera. It took me a few years, but once I started getting positive feedback, and people noticing my improvements and encouraging me to pursue this, it started to plant a seed. It made me think, maybe we could do this for the rest of our lives.


So what exactly do you offer a bride + groom?

Katie: We want taking photos to be a stress-free part of their day. We form relationships with our bride and grooms ahead of time, and work with them to create a customized timeline so the day runs smoothly. And the day of, our ultimate goal is to be a calming presence for them, and help out in any way that we can.

What sets you apart from all the photographers in Minnesota?

Dylan: I’ve always been a candid shooter and love capturing natural moments.

Katie: That’s definitely his specialty.

Dylan: I was always the guy that had his camera with him. I didn’t always take pictures, but I was always waiting for that moment. So that’s what I bring to a wedding, on top of everything else we do. I try to capture those personal moments.


What is your favorite wedding memory?

Katie: At one of our last weddings, the bride’s sister, who was also the maid of honor, was 9 months pregnant and due on the day of the wedding. Everyone was crossing their fingers that she wouldn’t go into labor during the ceremony! She was so excited to stand next to her sister during the wedding, and did it all from walking the beach, to dancing through the night- luckily without going into labor! It’s always so fun to see how excited the families are to see these two people come together.

How do you get your inspiration and motivation?

Dylan: I’m always trying to get better, trying to get another great shot, or improve my photography. There’s always an opportunity, and road trips are great for that. You are seeing new places, places you have never been, and are trying to capture those moments so you can relive them yourself.

Katie: I am a podcast addict. I’m always trying to improve the business side, and am constantly trying to create the best experience for our clients. I love listening to business podcasts and learning from people who have years of experience and have been through this before.


Where do you guys see yourselves 3 years from now?

Katie: I think with every wedding we do, our goal is to get better. So in the next three years, we hope to…

Dylan: Grow our business and keep working at it…

Katie: Serve as many brides and grooms as we can…

Dylan: Stay truthful to what we are trying to do as we grow, and learn how to run our business while still being true to ourselves.



Is there anything else you’d like brides to know?

Katie: We want the couples we serve to feel like good friends, and to know that we are there for them throughout their entire wedding day.

Dylan: Our goal is to be a calming presence to our couples, while being as accommodating as possible.


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Forever Feature: Dylan + Katie Photography