Forever Feature: Gathered Goods Company

Are you searching for the perfect wedding favors, gifts for your bridesmaids, or even the groom? Looking for a unique place to host your bachelorette party? With products from over 45 local Minnesota artisans, Gathered Goods Company is your one stop shop for it all–-whether you want to buy or DIY.

We sat down with co-founders, Nicole + Tara and chatted all things DIY, bachelorette parties, accessories, and more!As we entered the shop in Excelsior, Minnesota, we were immediately “oohing and awwing” over all their home goods, clothing, and accessories. It’s the cutest shop that we know you––our brides––will LOVE!


How did you come up with the name?

Nicole: Tara and I dabbled with different names and different words that meant people coming together in one place. We started writing down random words when we came to the word, gather. It fits the store well, because we have a gathering of artisans here during classes. And it’s a gathering of friends who meet each other. The rest of it just came together and we love it. It really fits our store!

What was the inspiration behind starting this business?

Nicole: Tara and I met each other at a craft fair––we were both there with our own businesses. We were right next to each other. We kept doing craft shows together and we threw out the idea: “Wouldn’t it be fun to have our own store where we can represent other artisans and sell our stuff?!” And it just naturally came together.




Why is this a good activity for brides/bachelorette parties?

Nicole: We do a wide variety of classes! It’s a ton of fun to make with all the bachelorettes. We have trays, clocks, and other jewelry classes. You are coming together as a group, so it’s an experience.


What is it that makes you different from other DIY businesses?

Nicole: Our variety of classes is pretty extensive and we are open to suggestions from customers. Our bracelet bar is really popular! Plus, people love that we have an open studio. We get them started with the supplies and I think that’s the main thing that makes us different. Plus, there is the shopping aspect as well. We are not only a DIY place, but you can also go shopping and go do a private shopping event too.



Can anyone do the crafts or do you need prior experience?

Nicole: Most of our crafts and classes are for beginners. Some people say “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” but if someone is instructing you then anyone can do it. We’ve even had 12 year olds do water color and the bracelet bar––and we’ve had men do the macrame and candle making.


What types of projects can people create?

Nicole: We have candle making, open studio jewelry bars, bracelet bars, charm bars, farmhouse clocks, chalkboard trays, macramé, and watercolor.


Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your business?

Nicole: We just want to make a welcoming environment. Tara and I are both faith-based. We’ve also gotten a lot of comments on how people are very comfortable here in our shop. That’s very important to us. So is keeping the price points in check too.




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Forever Feature: Gathered Goods Company