Forever Feature: Honeymoon Planning with Allé Travel

Honeymoons are much needed after the months of prepping for your wedding day. Whether you’re laying on a tropical beach, trekking up mountains, or wandering European streets, it’s great quality time for you and your new spouse.

While taking a vacation sounds relaxing, planning it can be stressful. Especially while you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you may not want to add another thing to your (already gigantic) list.

So sometimes for the sake of your sanity and time, it’s best to call in a professional. And if anyone’s going to plan your honeymoon, the wonderful ladies ofallé travelare your go-to people!

We chatted with Founder, Irina, on all things travel, their new app (which makes it easier for you!), and the fact that they work with ALL kinds of budgets.

& P.S. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom to hear what their Forever Bride deal is.


Tell us about allé travel

Irina: We are a custom travel planning company, which is a fancy way of saying we’re the modern version of the old- school, strip mall travel agent. We work with all kinds of clients, but the majority of them are honeymooners, to create completely customized travels all over the world.

The honeymoons that we plan are a far cry from the typical all-inclusive resort check-in-and-stay-put type. Our clients are the kind of people who get bored just laying on the beach for more than a day. Instead, we plan the kind of adventures that people talk about for years to come. For some of our clients, that means a once-in-a-lifetime road trip through the French and Italian riviera, while for others it means waking up in a beach bungalow on a secluded island in Fiji; I can quite confidently say we can make anything, in any corner of the world, happen.

Our clients work hand-in-hand with either myself or one of my fellow travel planners, Polly or Emilie (it all depends on the destination) and it’s essentially like having a personal assistant or a concierge for your honeymoon!

When our clients travel, they can access their detailed trip plan through our App, which is awesome because it’s linked to Google Maps- so there’s no more getting lost, ever. You can also message us 24/7 though the App, ensuring that you can focus on honeymooning while we take care of all the logistics.

What is your role with allé travel?

Irina: I am the founder of the company, I started it about 3 years ago on a bit of a whim and as a self-experiment. I work with clients who are traveling to places like Croatia, Morocco, France and Costa Rica, to name a few. I really adore working with clients on their travels (especially honeymooners and repeat clients who are more like friends to us at this point!), though honestly these days I take on very few clients myself– as the business grows, I spend more and more time managing things from an operational standpoint, dotting on all of our clients to make sure they are incredibly happy, meeting with new clients, and writing blog posts about the places in the world we’re most excited and inspired by.

The majority of our clients work with Polly, fellow travel planner and co-founder (she’s amazing; my second half in all things allé related), Emilie, an awesome new addition to our team and Deepshikha, who assists us in making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the day is proofreading client trip plans that our team has put together, and interacting with our clients before, during and after they travel.


What has been your favorite honeymoon to plan so far and why?

Irina: Hmm, there’s no way I could possibly choose! We’ve planned many amazing ones, and we’ve had the privilege to work with some really incredible people, so the combination of amazing honeymoons and clients is really a magical one. I’m really proud of every single honeymoon we plan; they’re always such great representations of the couples going on them, and there is *nothing* in this world better than reading clients’ feedback when they get home from their travels.

If I had to choose, I would say that my favorite honeymoons that we’ve planned have definitely been ones that combine relaxation and pampering with adventures (whatever adventure means to each particular couple). So things like two weeks road tripping across New Zealand, sailing off the coast of Croatia, hiking a volcano in Bali, learning to surf in Costa Rica, parasailing in Aruba, hiking through coffee farms in Colombia, beach hopping in Kauai, swimming with Manta Rays in Fiji, eating dinner at a local chef’s apartment in Rome– that’s the kind of stuff that makes for the best of honeymoons and has been my/ our favorite to plan.

What sets you apart from other travel planners?

Irina: We’re a new breed of travel planner: we charge a fee for our services, because we prefer not to be chasing commissions (what regular travel agents do) in order to pay our rent. Our flat-fee model ensures that our only motivation is making our clients happy! It also means that your budget = our budget; we work with clients with very low budgets, and some with huge budgets- it makes no difference to us what your budget is, truly, and we’ll never prioritize one client over another because of it either.

Also: we have an App! And our service is (I think) the perfect combination of working with a real life person but also having technology make travel seamless- it’s the best of both worlds, really.

Other things that set us apart? We’re not into all-inclusives or cruises. As in, we don’t touch them. I know this turns some clients away, but that’s OK, we’re not for everyone. Our clients like to travel and experience their destinations, instead of confining themselves to a resort.

And last but not least, we care a lot about sustainability, and make sure our clients (and we as the people who plan their travels) are making a positive impact on local communities, and we work really hard to ensure that is the case.


Why should brides plan their honeymoon through allé travel?

Irina: Well, I know I’m biased, but I really believe that the honeymoon is more important than the wedding. It’s the only part of the whole getting married thing that’s really, truly all about you two, the lovebirds getting married,

And as you’ve probably noticed already, getting married is a lot of work, and can oftentimes very quickly turn into a second job. Having us plan your honeymoon takes one thing off of your plate and ensures that you’ll be well taken care of throughout your travels.

Is there anything else you’d like brides to know?

Irina: Don’t forget about your honeymoon! I know it’s easy to get wrapped up in wedding things and get burnt out by all the work that goes into the wedding. But trust me, you’re going to want a honeymoon after all is said and done, and you definitely deserve one, too!

Also, you know how you’re always trying to think of things to unload onto the Groom (or maybe that was just me?)- consider assigning the honeymoon task to them, and have them get in touch with us; we’ll make sure it all goes smoothly, it’ll be out of your hair and he’ll feel like he’s contributing. Seriously though, Groom-planned honeymoons are a real trend that we’re seeing, and we love it.


Curious to see a honeymoon planned by allé travel? You’re in luck because we’ve blogged THREE of them! There’s this foodie honeymoon in Italy and Portugal, and this beach honeymoon in Curacao + Aruba, and this dreamy European proposal in Croatia, Austria, and Germany.

Book allé travel through Forever Bride + get a complimentary printed and bound honeymoon plan (in addition to online version). This is like a guidebook, custom written to you! Makes for a great coffee table book once you’re back from your trip, and a great conversation starter.

More details here!

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Forever Feature: Honeymoon Planning with Allé Travel