Forever Feature: Projects in Person

Are you looking for a creative bachelorette party idea? Or maybe just a fun girls night out? Projects in Person (PIP) may be your answer! Located in Hopkins, Minnesota, PIPprovides the venue, instruction, and materials to help you complete a project from their current offerings. From wall art, to cutting boards, to coffee tables, their projects require no previous experience as they guide you from start to finish.

We had the chance to sit down with the owner, Jill, to learn more about her DIY workshops!


How did PIP come about? What inspired you to give your business a shot?

Jill: You know how you look back and you find all the different ways that led you to that one thing? Well, I was actually a teacher, I’m a teacher by trade. I bought an old house and my husband is super handy; he can really do everything. When I was teaching, that was when Pinterest just started to come out. So I was pinning all these things thinking, “I could make that”, but you never actually end up doing it. When I had my girls, I really liked upcycling and that kind of stuff, but there was never anybody to show you how to do it. So when I had my kids I told myself, I am just going to make this happen. A place where people can come, learn how to do these cool projects we see all over pinterest, and get together with their friends. I didn’t want it to just be a little basement. I wanted it to be an actual place- Somewhere people can feel like “This is a night out, this is special”. So it all just came together through my teaching and my husband teaching me this skills. It all just fell into place.


What kind of events do you offer at PIP?

Jill: Primarily, we are doing wood-based home decor. Anything from coffee tables and bean bag boards, to hardwood cutting boards and centerpiece boxes. Things where you would normally buy it, but here you can be like, “I made this!” and feel really proud.

Do you see a lot of brides coming in?

Jill: Yes, I do get some brides coming in looking for that different activity. Looking for a unique experience that everyone can enjoy. It’s a great kick-off for a bachelorette party or bridal shower. And it’s so cool because they all have a keepsake and can look at what they created and remember “Oh, I made this at that party” and have something to show from the event.


Do your guests get to choose what project they do?

Jill: So we have one specific project that we work on each day, but what’s cool is that each one is unique. It’s amazing. We could have so many people in here working on the same project, but not once have I seen two look the same. You can choose copper, you can choose your paint or stain. I really try to let there be a lot of choice within it, but also very contained so there aren’t 8 different projects going on at once.

Do you offer offsite events?

Jill: I have done a few, but it really is best and makes the most sense to stay in the shop because we really do use so many tools like saws. It’s hard to bring all of those tools to a venue where you’re not entirely sure what space you have to work with. So everything is mostly done onsite.



We noticed on your Instagram that you have had some Pop-up markets? Do you have more planned?

Jill: Yes. I have hosted pop-up markets with local makers or brands and have some more planned. From my experience, I know how hard it is to get retail space so I’ll let vendors borrow it for a day because I have this gorgeous space all to myself. This concept and this demographic that I target is very different for Hopkins, so bringing in those vendors is a whole new world for them here in the West Metro and so it’s good for them to get out of the north loop!

What does a typical event night look like?

Jill: The second you walk in, there is always something to do. Typically people walk in and mingle until I give my spiel and talk about safety. Most of the people are newbies, especially when working with these kinds of tools so we make it social. This way, everyone isn’t so nervous because it can be a little nerve racking for some people who have never used tools like this before. It’s just very interactive and involved throughout the entire project. If someone were to walk into the middle of an event, they would think everyone knows exactly what they are doing. It’s really fun to see people interact that way.


Are you thinking about expanding at all? Where do you see your business in a year from now?

Jill: Yes. I do see it expanding, but I want to do it right. In my mind it could be scalable, but there’s a lot that goes into growing a business and there is so much prep for these projects, your mind would be blown. I would have to find some crazy people to tackle all the craziness with me. First and foremost, I want to make sure everything is successful with this location, before I go onto the next. I do see myself expanding though, to maybe a couple of different cities. I’d really love to try Fargo because it is such a creative and collectic area and I have family there. I’ve also gotten some requests for Chicago and California; we will see!


Would this be a good gift idea for a bride and/or groom?

Jill: Absolutely. Gift certificates are always a great idea. I’ve been selling a lot of those for weddings this summer. It’s so much fun for a couple to go together and build something for their new home. And it’s a great idea for a date night. Giving a gift certificate gives the couple an activity to do together, but at the same time you are giving them a home gift. I mean how cool would it be to have a beautiful coffee table in your new home where you can look back and say, “Awe, we built that together.”


Any other suggestions for those interested in experiencing PIP?

Jill: Yes, like I said PIP is just perfect for anyone looking for something that everyone can enjoy or simply a kick-off for the day or night. Not to mention this space is perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, grooms dinner, rehearsal dinner, really any event! With all the tables, the location, big parking lot, reception bar-it checks off all of those venue must-haves. I’ve already rented it out a couple of times, but am looking into doing more space rental.


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Forever Feature: Projects in Person