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5 Expert Tips For Flawless Wedding Day Hair + Skin

Your wedding is around the corner and if there ever was a day to look and feel your best, this would be it! Unfortunately, wedding planning can be a full-time job (in addition to your day-job) so self-care often gets put on the back-burner”¦

But don’t fret, we’re here to help. One of our vendors, Stephanie of Embeaushares5 healthy hair and skin tips that don’t take time,(that precious thing you have so little of), so you can look and feel amazing with almost no effort.

Keep scrolling for practical tips + tricks, and even a special money-saving deal at the bottom (because who doesn’t like to save money, right?!).

1. Buy a silk pillow case

Silk pillowcases are the luxurious answer to smooth skin and hair- and it literally works as you sleep. Normal cotton or microfiber pillowcases are rough and porous, while silk is well, silky smooth. Sleeping on a pillow covered in silk reduces wrinkles (if you’re a side or stomach sleeper), and actually keeps your hair looking smooth and healthy. I found this one on Amazon for only $20- totally worth it. Prime shipping and done!

2. Drink water and eat

I know, this is one you’ve heard before, (at least the water part), but it doesn’t make it any less true! Aim for about a gallon of water per day. I personally carry around a gallon jug with me to be sure I drink all my water for the day. Your skin will glow, and your hair will look luscious. Bonus: feeling hydrated curbs the appetite, not a bad side-effect for slipping into that dress!


Your hair and skin are excellent indicators of what is going on in your body. If you aren’t feeding your bod the nutrients it wants and needs, your skin will look dull and dry, and your hair will lose it’s strength, fullness, and lustre. The biggest mistake I find my clients making in their diets when it comes to their hair is not eating enough protein. Hair is made up of keratin- which is LITERALLY protein. If you aren’t getting enough in your diet, your hair suffers. Aim for at least 80-90 grams a day, and if you’re active, try to consume 1 gram per pound of your body weight (ex: a 145lb woman would eat 145 grams/day) – especially if you’re lifting weights!

3. Take supplements

Introducing Biotin! AKA your new BFF. Biotin is the best-kept secret for hair growth. The average person’s hair grows about ½ inch per month”¦ if yours feels like it never grows, or like it breaks, follow the above tips and also get yourself some biotin and begin taking it every day. In my experience, it increases the rate of hair growth by at least 25%. Click here for my favorite brand. (Bonus! It’s great for your skin and nails as well!)

4. Use a leave-in conditioner

Even though we’re moving into the summer months, your hair ends still need some love. Most bride’s are growing their hair out for the big day, and if that sounds like you, you may be stretching out your haircuts longer than your hair would like”¦ Make up for it with a leave-in conditioner that protects your ends. All beautiful hairstyles look best with healthy looking ends and there’s only so much your stylist can do to make them look healthier than they are!! (Aside from cutting them”¦)

5. Moisturize everything

Your skin. Your hair. Your insides. Invest in a skincare regimen that takes care of your skin. My most recent favorite is the travel set for normal/sensitive skin from Intelligent Nutrients. It’s organic ingredients deliver high quality moisture and results. (Read how to get the most out of your makeup.)


Don’t forget to moisturize your mouth, especially since you’ll be in front of a camera soon!! It’s hard to make dry, flaky lips look healthy and moisturized on your wedding day, so the best tactic is always to take great care of them every day. I recommend Aveda’s Lipsaver.

Your organs and joints need moisturizing too, and when they’re well taken care of, your hair, skin, and nails will follow suit. Be sure to consume enough healthy fats and oils every day: (for women, that’s at least 50 grams a day). Some great sources are extra virgin olive oil, walnuts/almonds, avocado, and whole eggs (eat that yolk!!). Fish oil supplements are great too, look for one that has Omega 3, 6, & 9.


Ready to begin your wedding day beauty + care routine? Stephanie of Embeau is a hair + make-up artist, blogger, and life coach and is eager to talk to you!

Embeau is an onsite hair and make-up company that EMpowers women through BEAUty.

The owner of Embeau has been serving brides for over 10 years and loves to create looks and styles that perfectly fit a bride’s unique personality and vision for her big day. Work created by Embeau has been featured in MN Bride and Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine.

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