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5 Killer Fitness Hacks for the Modern Bride

Getting healthyfor your wedding is probably at the top of your list. Or maybe you’re wanting it make it a priority. We called in our friend + health professional, Jessica, co-founder of boldr, who is sharing her top 5 fitness hacks all brides will love! Let’s hear from the genius herself:

Hello, Brides! I’m Jessica, co-founder of boldr.We offer our clients live training via video technology and we’re all about making fitness fun while providing real results. My co-founder and I both planned our weddings in the last few years (hers, beachy bliss destination-wedding in Jamaica; mine, dinner and dancing under the sky-scrapers at a restaurant in Toronto). Throughout our different planning processes, we both had something in common: wanting to look and feel amazing on our wedding days.

Wedding season is upon us and it’s exciting and busy and feeling your best is important whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid or a guest. That’s why we’re giving you our favorite 5 fitness hacks you need to try NOW!

We’re also kickstarting another fun contest. So read on, lovelies!


1. Start Micro-Goal’ing:

What’s the minimum amount of work you know you WILL do each day? One set of 10 pushups? Then do it. 10 is better than none, and by the end of the month that’s 300 pushups you otherwise wouldn’t have done. Now drop down and gimme 10!

2. Start Small:

Write down 3 small goals you want to achieve this summer with regards to fitness. Finally want to do a push-up not from your knees? Want to be able to do 20? The beauty of this is the relative ease of setting small goals you can reach along the way to your big goals. “I want to do 20 pushups without taking a break” is easier to achieve and will put you on the goal-blasting path faster than the generic, “I want to buy a wedding dress 2 sizes too small and fit into it in 1 month.”


3. Embrace a Cheat-Day:

Look ahead on your calendar at the fun pre-wedding events you’ll be going to and circle them as cheat days. Aim for no more than 2 per week of these fun days and enjoy yourself. Then stay on track the other 5-6 days per week. A reward is much more exciting when you’ve worked for it!


4. Stick to HIIT workouts:

High-Intensity Interval Training combines bursts of intense exercise followed by a low-intensity exercise or rest periods. It’s the best way to burn fat. The ratios can be 1:1 (i.e. 30 seconds exercise followed by 30 seconds rest or higher ratios with shorter rest periods). These workouts are the most efficient way to get the results you want.


And last but not least, our personal favorite:

5. Outsource Your Workout:

Let boldr do the thinking and planning for you. Just show up and we’ll have your workout ready to go. There’s no added stress of getting to the gym or trying to figure out what to do. Just an affordable, fun and motivating workout each and every time. Oh, and we just need you for 45 mins.

And now for our #boldrBride CONTEST! One lucky winner will win a month of FREE live boldr training + a one year subscription to Shape magazine!


1. Make sure you are following @foreverbride and @boldrfit on Instagram

2. ‘Like’ this Instagram photo & tag a friend (more tags = more entries)

3. Sign up for a free trial here and begin your free two-session workout.

Yes, do it! Tell us in the comments how you liked it.

*Contest closes on Friday, June 29th at 4PM CST. Winner(s) will be announced that day!

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