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The Blushing Bride

Many have heard the term “A Blushing Bride” and for 2017, being a blushing bride is one hot trend. Instead of pinching your cheeks until they are red, or waiting to become embarrassed by family toasts, why not have natural blush that lasts all day? If this sounds like you, then here is your makeup inspiration for “The Blushing Bride”.


Photo | Eyes & Iron

The trick to having a natural looking, long lasting blush, is finding the right shade of pink or red that blends perfectly with your skin tone. Finding the right shade may take few tries, so be sure to take the time, either on your own or with your makeup artist, to find that perfect shade. Try them on, test the lighting, this is the only to truly tell which blush color is for you.


Photo | The Beauty Lounge

Once you have found that radiant shade for your cheeks, it’s best to pick a similar lip color, that way your whole face will light up in unison. Natural shades of pinks and reds will help you look soft and radiant. Bold pinks and reds will make a stronger statement which could be overpowering. It is always best to ask for trusted opinions! The key to “The Blushing Bride” is looking natural.


Photo | Sandy Xiong Beauty

So take your time and discover which pinks and reds look best with your skin tone. That way you can be a the radiant and beautiful, blushing Bride.

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