Bridal Beauty Hacks from Experts

You’re counting down the days to your wedding, hiring the best wedding vendors, and pinning all your dream ideas (psst are you following us on Pinterest?).

And in all the craziness, you’re probably wanting or trying to find a healthy beauty regime. Because of course, you want to be a flawless-looking bride.

And I’m sure you know – looking and feeling your best for your wedding day starts long before the makeup artist arrives on the morning of your wedding. But what exactly does that entail? How can you best prepare? What can you avoid those stress breakouts?

We reached out to our hair & makeup vendors and rounded up their professional advice. Here’s what they have to say on looking + feeling radiant for your big day.

Annie of SoCoJo says:
My advice for brides (from a makeup artist standpoint) is to start thinking of skincare months beforethe wedding, not days. Getting set up on a consistent habit of washing your face nightly and exfoliating weekly will make a drastic difference in your skin’s texture and overall appearance. With a skincare regimen, your face will be the perfect & smooth base- ready for photography close-ups. The last thing you’ll have to worry about on your wedding day will be your makeup!

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Stephanie of Embeau MN says:

Be selfish.
It sounds vain, but who’s wedding is it, really?

– You don’t need to do everything yourself- delegate tasks and only do the things that you enjoy

– Prioritize your self-care like a Queen: sleep, drink lots of water, move your body with some form of exercise, and create down-time in your wedding day to recover from the excitement! (It’s your day, you can do that!!), and you will look and feel like the best version of yourself.

– Do everything you can to make the day of your wedding run itself.

For example, hire a wedding day coordinator to take care of all the vendor questions (or ask your most organized and helpful friend- trust me- she/he will LOVE this job)

– Have your hair and make-up artist come onsite so you don’t have to get out of your pajamas!
Plan to get ready close to your wedding venue
Pad your timing that day, always assume things will take twice as long as they will to account for all the potential hiccups that come with pulling off the event of a lifetime!

– Remember to have fun!! It’s a day of celebration, but let’s face it, many of us get so stressed out by the big day that you kinda want it to be over… remember to enjoy the journey.

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Cassie of Color Me Cassie says:

Schedule Facials:

Book monthly facials leading up to your wedding. Now is the time to splurge and pamper your skin. You will be thanking yourself on the wedding day!


Make sure you exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator once a week. This will help remove the dead skin, and keep pores clear.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Dry skin can lead to a patchy makeup application and deeper wrinkles. Keep your skin moisturized at morning and at night to keep it healthy and plump. Don’t forget the eye cream! You are never too young to start!


Give yourself 3-7 days before the wedding for your final waxing appointments. You don’t want your brows or other waxed areas to be red and swollen on your wedding day.

*Insider Tip: NEVER wax anything for the first time the week before your wedding. You don’t want to risk something going wrong and not having the time to heal.


2-3 nights before the wedding, use facial and eye masks that will help keep moisture in your skin. This will give your skin a glow and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


Brides often underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Being well rested for your wedding can reduce dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes, brighten your skin, and significantly reduce stress.

Makeup artist:

Looking good on your wedding day can feel intimidating, and having a makeup artist will allow you to sit back and enjoy your morning makeup chair without the worry of something going wrong.

Relax and Enjoy your Day:

Before you know it you are made up, dressed up, and ready to walk down the aisle! There at the end your “someone” will be waiting, ready to start their next big adventure with you!

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Bridal Beauty Hacks from Experts