Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

You said yes, found the perfect dress, bought some killer heels (and maybe a pair of backup flats), and nailed down a hair stylist to top off your look. You’re totally prepared to look your best on the big day – or so you think.

As you’re scrolling through Pinterest it occurs to you – you completely forgot about wedding makeup!

You’ll be photographed hundreds of times throughout the day so you’ll want to look and feel your best.

Doing your research and knowing which common wedding makeup mistakes to avoid will help you feel totally radiant on the big day!

Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

1. D.I.Y.

Chances are you’ve been doing your own makeup for years or have a friend who’s a self-proclaimed beauty guru. No matter how skilled you are, highly consider hiring a make-up professional to bring your vision to life and make it last all day and night. Your wedding day is action-packed and you’ll want your makeup to be sweat-proof, cry-proof, and kiss-proof!

2. Not Having the Right Tools

You’ve decided to go ahead and do your own makeup. You have a very specific vision, the thought of someone else’s pokers near your eyeballs makes you cringe, or you just want to save some moola. If you’re going at it alone be sure to invest in high quality tools and products. If you’re low on cash stop by your local makeup counter and request a few product samples!

3. Trying Something New

Never rocked a smokey eye before? Your wedding day is certainly not the day to test it out. Wedding makeup should be an enhanced version of your everyday look, so if your morning routine doesn’t go beyond chapstick and mascara, chances are you won’t feel like yourself with winged liner and red lipstick.

4. Skipping the Makeup Trial

If you’ve decided to hire a professional to do your wedding makeup they’ll most likely want to schedule a trial session. While it’s tempting to skip this step in the midst of a million other wedding planning tasks, DON’T! You’ll want to work with this individual to get your look just right before the big day.

5. Not Doing Your Research

Get on Pinterest, flip through some beauty magazines, and follow some beauty accounts across social media. Showing your artist what you’re going for will help him or her align with your vision.

6. Not Considering the Big Picture

As the bride, you’ve probably put a lot of work (and money) into creating a cohesive wedding experience. Consider everything including your venue, dress, hair styles, and the season in which your getting married in while selecting your bridal makeup.

7. Wearing the Wrong Shade

We’ve all looked back on photos and cringed at a ghostly light face or rolled-in-Doritos tan atop what appears to be a different body. Check with a professional to make sure you have the right shade of foundation to avoid appearing two-toned.

8. Skipping the Primer

You wouldn’t paint your walls without applying a good coat of primer. The same goes for your face. A good primer keeps oil at bay, disguises imperfections, and prevents your makeup from melting off during the warmer months.

9. Caking it On

Less is more when it comes to foundation and powders. Applying too much of these products can draw attention to pores and wrinkles and appear cakey in photos.

10. Not Blending

You’ve found the right shade for your skin tone. Now remember to blend! Be sure to extend your makeup to any exposed skin to camouflage imperfections and avoid looking splotchy.

11. Getting a Facial before the Wedding

Even if you’ve had a facial before, avoid chemicals and products that can cause a reaction right before the wedding. It’s no fun to apply makeup to tender skin.

12. Going Too Trendy

While it’s fine to keep your wedding makeup contemporary, avoid any uber-trendy looks. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and regret boxy brows and a plum pout.

13. Fake Baking

Whether you’re tanning in a bed or on the beach, don’t over-do it. Over-tanning is bad for your health and the last thing you want is a nasty sunburn on the big day.

14. Not Giving the Bridesmaids any Guideline

Hopefully your bridesmaids are aware of proper wedding attire and etiquette, but just in case be clear about your expectations. If metallic lipstick, neon orange nails, or blue eyeshadow are on your “absolutely not” list you need to communicate that. You may also want to provide an example of a uniform look that they should aim for.

15. Not Touching Up Throughout the Day

Whether you get your makeup done professionally or apply it at home, be sure to bring your products with you throughout the day. Between tears, sweat, and lots of activity you may need a touchup here and there.

16. Not Using a Setting Spray

A good setting spray will keep everything in place without feeling heavy or stiff. Setting spray is especially essential for warm-weather weddings.

17. Using the Wrong Lipstick

If there’s ever a time to invest in a long-lasting lipstick, it’s your wedding day. You’ll be smooching, snacking, and sipping throughout the day all while being photographed! Opt for a liquid or creamy matte formula rather than a gloss to avoid smudging or fading.

18. Waxing RIght Before

Time out your waxing session so it’s close enough to your wedding date to avoid fuzz, but far enough out so that there’s no chance of your skin becoming irritated the day of.

19. Using Airbrush Makeup

While some brides swear by airbrush makeup, it has a tendency to appear flat or cakey in photos. A liquid foundation plays up the natural lumosity of your skin while still providing full coverage.

20. Using Glitter

If you’re aiming for a glowy complexion, skip the glitter. Glitter doesn’t translate well in photos as it often appears as white specs on the skin. Instead, opt for a subtle highlighter to incorporate some shimmer.

21. Over Plucking Brows

Be sure to keep your brows clean for the big day, but avoid altering your natural shape or irritating your skin.

22. Wearing a Sticky Lip Gloss

Not only are glosses not as pigmented or long-lasting as a lipstick, they’re also sticky magnets for stray hairs. The last thing you want is for your hair to stick to your face during picture time.

23. Not Moisturizing

The last few days before your wedding will be undoubtedly busy which means you probably won’t have much time for beauty rest. Keep your skin moisturized to appear fresh and well-rested.

24. Getting Ready in the Wedding Gown

For the love of your soon-to-be spouse, do not get ready in your wedding gown. It’s WHITE! Instead, primp in a comfy + cute robe or button-down shirt.

25. Not Being Confident

If you’re not used to wearing makeup at all, but decide to get a little glam for our wedding you may feel unsure of yourself. Don’t! Subtle makeup will enhance your natural features in photos without appearing overdone. Stick to neutral tones and practice wearing light makeup leading up to the wedding if you’re new to the makeup game.

26. Forgetting to Blot

Oil blotting sheets are a must-have for a long day with lots of photo ops. Be sure to touch up your makeup after blotting!

27. Going Too Bold

A dramatic red lip can be a super romantic wedding day look. Red lips with a bold eye, however, can be distracting. Choose one feature to accentuate and rock it!

28. Going Overboard on Highlighter

Too much highlighter can make you appear greasy. Stick to a moderate amount under your brow arches, on the cheekbones, and above the cupid’s bow of your lips.

29. Changing Your Skincare Routine

Now is not the time to experiment with all those homemade face masks on your Pinterest board. Stick to a reliable skincare routine to avoid any surprises.

30. Not Washing Your Face

You made it! You came, you conquered, you got married. It’s been a long, exciting day and you’re ready to crash, but remember to take your makeup off. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and healthy skin!

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day! Finding the right vendors and doing your research will help you nail your wedding makeup look! To stay on the makeup train, here are some bridal beauty hacks from experts!

Written by Annie Goebel from Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

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Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Make