Fitness for Brides

Fitness for Brides

Getting the body you want before your big day.
“[Brides] will have their wedding pictures to cherish for the rest of their lives,” Andrea Eilertson, owner and personal trainer at SaFire Training, said. “Most women want to look good and feel good about themselves when they look back at those pictures.”

Knowing your personality and previous workout habits is important for determining when to begin your workout routine. But, like anything else, it’s easier and less stressful on the bride the earlier they start, Andrea said. “Six months before is when you should really start to focus on those goals. I have worked with brides as close [as] two months before their wedding and have seen great results.”

So, what area of your body should be your primary concern during your workouts? “Focus on the arms as well as chest and back,” Andrea said. “The back sometimes is forgotten about because you can’t see it, but when you walk down the aisle all the guests will be staring at your back.”

But, perhaps the most difficult part of an exercise routine is not the actual workout itself, but finding the time in the day to do it. With your obligations and time commitment to your career, social life, and now, wedding planning, how are you suppose to find any extra time to workout? Well, we have a simple answer: put it in your schedule. “If it is not scheduled, it’s not real,” Andrea said. “Scheduling is the first tip for a busy bride.”



All brides should radiate confidence and happiness on their wedding day. And, with determination and a workout regiman – every bride-to-be can achieve this! From 4-minute tabata workouts to customized monthly calendars, SaFire Training offers brides exactly what they need to schedule-in exercising and reach their goals before the wedding date.

Visit SaFire Training at or call 651-210-0147 to schedule a free fitness consult.

V.I.B. Deal: 30 minute personal training sessions $35/session and all 1 hour sessions are $67/session for all individual package types.

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Fitness for Brides