How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day

We all want that wedding day glow. Sure, I bet you’ll hire an amazing makeup artist, but it’s impossible to cover everything with makeup. Instead, it’s best to go to the root of the problem (the skin) and give it a reboot. Bring it back to its healthy, glowing self.

Many brides are forgetting the one thing that is guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin: chemicalpeels.

If you’re wondering what that is, allow me to explain.

A chemical peel is a treatment that removes the top layer of your skin and creates a new layer by exfoliation, leaving your skin feeling new and soft. This treatment effectively removes blemishes, acne, uneven skin pigmentation, and wrinkles. It also exfoliates dead skin, brightening your skin color. If that doesn’t convince you, it also reduces scars, dark spots, sun damage, aging, and freckles while leaving your skin feeling fresh.


Now I’ll turn it over to the wonderful ladies, Nicole and Liz at Beautox Bar. They are the professionals here, after all. Here’s their expert advice on the different types of peels:

Chemical peels can be painful with a burning sensation. Not every skin tone or color can have them done”¦until now! VI Aesthetics has a peel that has little to no pain. Most skin tones and all skin colors can have this treatment with amazing results. The peel is called VI Peel.

There are three different VI Peels that we will focus on.

The VI original Peel is great for most skin types and all skin colors. It is good for reducing and eliminating actinic keratoses, age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

The VI Purity Peel is specifically formulated for acne prone skin. This peel will kill p.acnes bacteria, soothe inflammation and redness, remove excess oils, and balance skin for less breakouts.

The VI Precision Plus Peel is for more mature skin and is the perfect solution for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This peel can reduce the appearance of age spots and smooth away rough skin texture.

People can have a VI peel treatment once a month until the desired results are achieved and then four times a year for maintenance. Most people see a difference after their first treatment.

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Your fellow Forever Bride members are loving Beautox Bar:


“The Beautox Bar is your one stop shop for all your pre-wedding Beauty treatments. From Botox, B 12 shots, to VIP peels peels, they have it all.”
“” Marnie


“Wonderful space! Felt extremely comfortable here with the beautiful environment and knowledgeable staff!”
“” Gayle


The Beautox Bar was created as a result of our own experiences with medispas. Our experiences have taught us how injections, peels, and fillers are the best solution for people to eliminate wrinkles and achieve a youthful look. We are about helping people feel and look their very best.

After much research and trying every in-office cosmetic procedure available, we found injectables have the most impact, are the most cost effective, have the least down time, and are the safest option for most people to obtain the desired results.

We are conveniently located in Maple Grove, MN as our first location in the Twin Cities area. Book your wedding party at least a month before your wedding date for a consultation.”


Visit their Forever Bride page to view their exclusive deal. (Hint: $40 off!!) If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call them at 763-205-6952.

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How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day