Kind Lips: The Best Chapstick of 2019

With the constant application of lipstick, this unpredictable Minnesota weather, and the fact I have “lost” my water bottle, dry lips tend to be unavoidable.

It’s not the best look and we have all been there— even with the constant application of petroleum jelly or the chapstick that is sitting at the bottom of your purse. Looking elsewhere for some sort of relief, Kind Lips found their way into my beauty routine.

Kind Lips is an organic, 100% natural lip balm that not only keeps my lips kissable, but also gives back to the community! And they are located in Minnesota! Can we cue the confetti for both bunnies and humans?!

And, they will be partnering with us for our November 2019 Market at the Radisson Blu Mall of America!


Kind Lips started in 2017 because their founder, Joshua, could not find a lip balm that kept his lips moisturized. After struggling for years as a child and going to every drug store and boutique possible, he decided he needed to create something to solve this problem for himself.

After testing combination after combination of ingredients, he finally found the perfect mixture of flavor and moisture to keep his lips feeling their best. But, he still needed a name! That is when his mother stepped in. She helped inspire the name “Kind Lips” because of a dream she had.

The dream consisted of two children fighting and the punishment being to write “The law of kindness is on my lips.” After this dream she immediately woke up and called Joshua and that is how the name Kind Lips was born!


Kind Lips is also a huge advocate for anti-bullying campaigns and donates 20% of their profits to prevent bullying. Not only that, but they also go to schools and work in the community to spread the importance kindness! After presenting their mission of #saysomethingkind and giving each participant their own chapstick, the groups are then encouraged to remember this idea every time they put their chapstick on.

How sweet is that?! Kind Lips has several amazing flavors like Sweet Mint, Georgia Peach, Raspberry Lemonade and my personal favorite, First Kiss!


Looking for a fun wedding favor idea? Congratulations, your hunt is over! There is no better way to thank your guests for being in your life than keeping their lips kissable and sending a kind message as they leave.

Can’t get enough of these or are looking for a new best friend? Stay tuned for the special surprise we will be announcing about Kind Lips and their role in our upcoming Market!

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Kind Lips: The Best Chapstick of 2019