Shocking Fact: Porcelain Veneers are NOT what you think

Ever wonder how celebrities get their teeth so picture perfect? We’ve got the inside scoop!What is a Porcelain Veneer? Porcelain veneers are super thin shells, about the thickness of a contact lens, that cover the front surface of the tooth.

Nowadays, high-quality veneers are made, by Linden Hills Dentistry, that look completely natural. Specifically becausethey have translucency built right in. What does that mean? Good question! This helps to create the natural, radiant look of teeth, while providing similar strength and resilience of the natural tooth enamel. Added bonus? Unlike natural teeth, porcelain veneers resist staining from coffee, tea, and wine! That is music to my ears considering those are my top 3 favorite things.


Getting custom porcelain veneers from Linden Hills Dentistry is one of the fastest and most dramatic ways to improve your smile! They have a program, that is perfect for brides, called Your Smile Makeover in Three Simple Steps At Linden Hills Dentistry, where they can create the smile of your dreams in just three short visits! Here’s what you can expect:

Step One – The Consultation Appointment

The first thing you do is meet with one of their dentists for a personal consultation. This appointment will last approximately one hour, and most of the time will be spent talking about your smile goals, taking impressions, and taking lots of pictures. After your appointment is over, the dentist will work with their lab to create a “trial smile” that you will get during your next appointment. Creating porcelain veneers takes about 2 weeks. So you can expect to wait at least two weeks between each appointment. If you’ve been wanting to correct your teeth for awhile now, I would suggest starting the conversation with your dentist right way. That way you can have stunning teeth well before the wedding day, because there are a lot of events that happen leading up to that; like engagement photos, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc. and your honeymoon after the wedding! All things you will be doing a lot of smiling at!

Step Two – The Trial Smile

The second appointment is fun, because this is when you’ll get to see what your new smile is going to look like! At this point, you’ll be able to give feedback that we can use when making the permanent porcelain veneers. You will leave this appointment wearing your trial smile. Basically, taking your new teeth for a test run. Sounds wild right?! But this is the real deal and it’s so beneficial. Like I said earlier, it is the fastest and most dramatic ways to improve your smile!

Step Three – Your Porcelain Veneers

This appointment is by far the most exciting! Now that all of your feedback has been received and the Linden Hills Dentistry team has created your porcelain veneers, it’s time to make it permanent! How does that work? Well, the porcelain veneers are cemented to your teeth. Maybe that sounds intense to you, like it does to me, but we have to keep it mind that these are basically new teeth that will last on average for 10-20 years. After you’re done, you’ll take final photos and you are set for the smile of your wedding dreams!

After Care

An important factor that can quickly be overlooked! The maintenance would be dental check ups every 6 months to maintain health, just like you would normally. If something were to happen to the integrity of a veneer in the first few years it would be replaced on warranty (at least at Linden Hills Dentistry), but things like biting nails, chewing pen caps, personal oral habits, and grinding teeth are all on the patient. Those things are reviewed at the final appointment.


“Elated! That is the word I would use to describe how I feel about my veneers! With an artist (and she very much is) like Dr. Reinhold at the helm of redesigning your smile, you are in the most talented and finest hands. My entire experience was easy, convenient and comfortable. My final appointment to get my veneers was 5 days before my wedding. And as you can see in the picture…recovery time couldn’t have been faster!”

-Brie Heinlein

For pricing or more information, you can call Linden Hills Dentistry at (612) 922-6164 or visit their website here and check them out on Instagram @lindenhillsdentistry

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Shocking Fact: Porcelain Veneers are NOT what you think