Ultimate Wedding Beauty-Prep

To get the best beauty results for your big day, the key is to start early! Amber Budd of Amber Budd Atelier breaks down your ultimate 6 month beauty plan. Your wedding photographs will be around much longer than the prep time suggested, so why not make the extra effort to glow?



“¢ Brow Game – Let’s be honest, brows are a huge part of how we look. Have you seen the photo-shopped images of celebs without their eyebrows? Yikes. If yours have started looking a bit thin or heck, maybe they’re a little too thick; find yourself a reputable brow artist. and start your monthly maintenance now, not two months from now. Your brow artist should be someone who has advanced training. A well trained artist will customize a brow wax to your beautiful face shape and features, not a cookie cutter stencil shape. They’ll teach you to fill them in properly or get you set up with some growth serum so you’ll have the best brows on the block.

“¢ Legs, Underarms and Brazilians, Oh My! – Yep, we’re still talking waxing. When you’re a frenzied bride-to-be, keeping your hair removal game on point is often the first thing to go. Don’t let this be you. Get your waxes on your calendar now (every 4- 6 weeks) and you’ll be hair free and ready for the big day without even thinking about it.

“¢ Sexy Skincare – Are you noticing a trend here? What bride doesn’t want glowing, sexy, beautiful skin, lit from within? I’ve never met one, so I’ll assume you want those things too. Here’s your how-to guide: See a licensed esthetician, stat. They’ll be able to set up a plan for your skin to achieve maximum results in the time allotted. You’ll want to see them about once a month leading up to the wedding with a plan set in place ahead of time so you’ll know what to expect with each appointment. Need basic skin maintenance and awesome professional level exfoliation? Basic facials are for you. Need some retexturing, maybe some dark spot lightening or scar reduction? You may be a good candidate for peels or microdermabrasion, but no one can tell you that besides your esthetician, so make this a priority.

“¢ The Glam Squad – Book your hair and makeup team. If you need them to come to your hotel or wedding prep area, you’ll want to make sure they travel.

“¢ Get Those Gains “” If you’re like me and want to be in the best shape you can, you’ll want to start working with a personal trainer now. If you wait until the month before, there isn’t a whole lot that even the best trainer in the world will be able to help with, SAFELY. Remember gals, safety is key when it comes to your health. Get started with a trainer ahead of time and go ahead and indulge in that extra cake tasting. It’s okay, I’m giving you permission.

“¢ Hydration 101 – If you don’t already, begin drinking more water. 60-80 ounces a day.



“¢ The Glam Squad: Part 2 – This is a big one as you’ll need to have any last trial runs in the next month to make sure you’ll look the way you want to look for your wedding. Trust me when I say, even if you’re not a big “makeup person”, (maybe especially if you’re not a big makeup person) you’ll want to know what you can expect to look like on your wedding day. Vegas strip glam may be your thing or maybe it’s softly romantic. The only way you’ll know if your vision and your artist’s vision line up is if you try it out.

“¢ Tan – I beg of you, do not use tanning beds. Yes, I know everyone looks great with a tan, but there are tons of options available for good, realistic-looking spray tans now. Try a few out now so you can see which looks best with your skin tone. Cancer isn’t cute, so avoid that pitfall by skipping the tanning beds.
“¢ Continue your facials, waxing and personal training. Keep going, you’re almost there!



“¢ Routine – If you’ve been seeing your esthetician (which I know you have, because you’re awesome and you want to look gorgeous!) your skincare routine should be set by now and it’s about keeping things calm and steady. Do not deviate unless instructed. Don’t do it. If you’re on a chemical peel or microdermabrasion plan for your skin, finish up any last treatments.



“¢ Pearly Whites “” You didn’t think I’d forget your beautiful, sure-to-be-beaming smile did you?! Book time with your dentist for best results and if that’s not in your budget, I’ve seen some great results with over the counter strips, just be consistent and follow the directions in the packaging.


“¢ Last brow shaping and body waxing “” Save this for 5-7 days before the wedding for best photographable and honeymoon-ready results.

“¢ Spray tan “” A few days before the wedding. This allows any streaks or uneven spots a chance to be retouched if necessary.

“¢ Tips and Toes – Your hands will be photographed. Get a manicure even if you’re not a manicure person. And while you’re at it, let someone pamper you and get a pedi also. You’ll thank me.

“¢ Enzyme or Oxygen Facial – A few days before the wedding, have an enzyme or oxygen facial for even toned, smooth skin that makeup rests on top of like a dream. The better your skin is under the makeup, the better your photos will turn out. Check out the Forever Bride vendors serving up amazing facials.

“¢ Massage “” Girl, you’ve worked hard. You’ve managed the family drama, the seating chart (oh-god-the-seating-chart!), you’ve weathered a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, the catering meetings, cake tastings, waxes and personal trainer sessions. Most likely you’ve done it with grace and a smile, right? RIIIIIGHT? Reward yourself with a massage. You’ve earned it and you’ll enjoy that 60 minutes to yourself in midst of an undoubtedly busy time.



“¢ Congratulations! You made it! We’re truly in the home stretch, so don’t forget to moisturize, prep your skin and hair per your stylist’s and artist’s instructions, drink plenty of water and don’t forget to eat – you need energy! Now grab a glass of bubbles, (or wine, beer”¦vodka. Pick your poison) and say it with me: Cheers to a happy, full, beautiful life together with your love!

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Ultimate Wedding Beauty-Prep