4 Ways to Glam up your Honeymoon

Order Room Service

Ordering room service can allow you and your significant other to enjoy a new level of relaxation. As you receive your food at your door, you can have an intimate dinner overlooking the beautiful scenery around you. This trip is all about being newlyweds, so soak up the alone time!


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Try Something Adventurous

Trying something new and adventurous to make your honeymoon a truly unforgettable experience is just what newlyweds need to keep the magic alive. Depending on where you are honeymooning, try hiking, parasailing, horseback riding, or any other activities that are new to you and your hunny!


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Have People Take Your Picture

Don’t be shy when asking fellow vacationers or staff members to snap a photo or two of the happy couple, these pictures are what keep your honeymoon alive for years to come. Also, you’re going to need some newlywed photos to spice up your home!


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Eat + Drink Decadently

Make sure to squeeze in at least one crazy delicious and filling dinner during your stay. Spoil yourselves, you only get to honeymoon once! And if you’re in a tropical locale, by all means, order a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it!!


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4 Ways to Glam up your Honeymoon