Creative + Last-Minute Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

You guys! Calling all those who are engaged––this holiday was made for our brides! When is there a better time to show your love for your fiancé than this holiday?

Whether you want to plan the date for you and your sweetie, or casually drop the link to this blog post in their inbox, we’ve rounded up 10 fun and creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple!

If you want last-minute ideas other than the cliché dinner, roses, and a movie––then this is for you!

P.S. These don’t have to be only for Valentine’s Day. You can also use this as a go-to list for excuses for a date night. 😉 Wedding planning can be stressful, we’re always all for taking breaks to relax and just be with your significant other. You deserve it!

1. Dinner theatre show

Minnesota has been so cold lately, it’s easy to stay snuggled up at home this Valentine’s Day. But bundle up and catch the latest act at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. They have such an array of shows from Sister Act to Disney’s the Newsies. We love this idea and think it’s a fun way to spice up date night and do something different for lover’s day.

2. Couples spa day

Wedding planning is stressful! We get it! More often than not, we tend to not take the time to truly pamper ourselves. Relax and treat-yo-self to a couple’s spa day this Valentine’s Day! Check out our spa partners for their specials, unwind and enjoy each other’s company. (And don’t forget to take advantage of their exclusive Forever Bride deals!)

3. DIY workshop

Do the DIY projects you see all over Pinterest call your name, but feel daunting once you read the instructions? Try Projects in Person, they make building something awesome, easy! From ladder blankets to cutting boards to coffee tables, they have so many partner projects that allow you and your hunny to craft the perfect addition to your home! You can get to know them more personally in their Forever Feature.

4. Rehearsal dinner tasting

Can you think of a better excuse to go out to dinner than to test out potential rehearsal dinner venues than Valentine’s Day? We can’t! What a romantic way to spend your Valentine’s Day. You get to try tasty foods and check out maybe a new restaurant (here are 19 of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to check out) and start dreaming about the night before your wedding!

5. Cake tasting

Already have your rehearsal dinner venue set? Instead, check out some of our sweetest partners (pun intended) and do your wedding dessert tasting to celebrate the holiday. Valentine’s Day encourages you to eat chocolate and gummy sweets; it’s a perfect excuse!

6. DIY for your home

Read through our plethora of DIY ideas on different fun things to make for your home or specifically for your upcoming nuptials! From homemade center pieces to a blooming monogram sign, crafts are way more fun when you work on them together!

7. Wine & questions

Not the type of couple to really celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way? A simple way to give a nod to Cupid’s holiday is by grabbing your favorite bottle of wine, snuggling up, and getting to know each other even better by going through these important questions to ask each other before the wedding.

8. Fitness class

Are you and your partner more of the #fitfam type? Last month we gave away free classes every Wednesday at the Northloop Alchemy. If you got a chance to head out there, you know how great their classes are. If you weren’t able to make it, now’s your chance! Get sweaty together at a fitness class! Show them this article to get a free class!

And don’t miss these 5 fitness tips from experts.

9. Henna tattoo

Schedule an appointment and get a Henna Tattoo by Flowerchild Henna! It’s such a fun way to decorate your body, enjoy the intricacies of traditional pieces, or a bright modern take on a timeless artform. They’re both gorgeous! Check out the bride in this Aladdin’s 1001 Nights Styled Shoot who got Cora’s artwork!

10. Dance!

Practice, let loose, and shake those first dance jitters, with one of our partners in the Entertainment & Dance Lessons section. Whether you’re hoping to learn a choreographed dance or wanting to just experience a new hobby together, we can hardly think of a more romantic date!


Looking for more inspiration for date nights post Valentine’s Day or other ways to save money, but continue to date each other up until the wedding? Make sure to sign-up for Forever Bride to save towards your big day!

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Creative + Last-Minute Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day