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6 Fun RSVP Card Questions

Incorporating a question in your RSVP’s can totally add some fun for you and your guests.


Gretchen Berry Design Co.

1. First Anniversary Ideas // What do you do for your first anniversary besides grabbing some dinner with your hubby? I’m sure you will have enough ideas to last you many anniversaries!

2. Favorite Date Night // Guests will give you some of the most creative (sometimes a little goofy) date night ideas you would never think of! Plus, you will always have a bunch of ideas for times when you want to try something new and fun with your favorite person.

3. Favorite Family Recipe // I love this idea! Instead of searching the internet hoping to find a tasty meal, you will get tons of truly amazing home cooked options. You could even create a wedding guest recipe book and hand out copies at your wedding!

4. Future Kids Names // Of course you’re not going to like every single suggestion and some may be a tad bit silly but hey, you might find your future childs name on one of these cards!

5. Marriage Advice // Guests will be sure to keep you and your husband entertained for awhile with their answers. Some may be sweet and sincere, while others may be funny and laughable. This would be great to keep and look back on every now and again together.

6. Song Requests // What a perfect idea. You want your guests to be having just as much fun as you will be and when they hear their requested song, they will be more likely to bust a move on the dance floor! You will get some awesome song ideas you may have never thought of.










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