7 Things Couples Forget To Do At The Rehearsal Dinner

7 Things Couples Forget To Do At The Rehearsal Dinner

1. Include Out Of Town Guests

Almost every person traveling from out of town will be arriving the night before your wedding. It’s “proper etiquette” to invite them and I’m sure they will really appreciate the offer.


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2. Make Introductions

Not everyone knows who everyone is. Introducing friends and family at the rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to make everyone more comfortable with one another the next day.

3. Hand Out Gifts

This is most definitely when you want to give your presents to all of the special people involved with your big day. You do not want to be scrambling with another thing on your To-Do list the morning of your wedding.


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4. Final Announcements

This is the perfect opportunity to make any imperative last announcements to your bridal party while you have all of their attention. Remind them of hair and makeup appointment times as well as when the pictures will start. The more information you give to them now, the easier your day will be!

5. Give Thanks!

Most importantly you want to thank everyone. Stand with your hunny and sincerely express your gratitude for anyone and everyones help throughout the planning process. Thank them for being with you both on your special day and give thanks to all of the travelers.


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6. Give The Best Man The Rings

…Unless he is an extremely forgetful man, you might want to find a new and reliable source. This is another thing you don’t want to have to worry about on the actual day. How awful would it be if you got to the venue and forget your wedding bands because you were so preoccupied with so many other things.

7. Get To Bed Early

This is one of those nights where you will want to wrap it up and get as much beauty sleep as possible for a long (yet exciting) day ahead. Hair and makeup appointments tend to be early and we want you rested!



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7 Things Couples Forget To Do At The Rehearsal Dinner