Dirty Dancing At Your Wedding? Not Quite.

Your wedding day is approaching, plans are made and wedding guests invited. All your wedding planning seems to be in perfect place until you realize….you have no idea what you are going to do for your first dance as a married couple! You begin to panic, imagining guests watching, while the wedding DJ invites you and your groom up for the first dance. What do you do? Sway back and forth? Panic? Hide in the bathroom?

That is probably an exaggeration and things will be just fine, but have you considered dance lessons? We know that dance lessons for your wedding may be low on your list, but let us shed some light on the subject.

This week we catch up with a lovely couple, Kari and Miguel at the DS Event Center where we filmed the latest episode on ForeverBride.com.

Here are a few reasons to consider taking dance lessons for your first dance at your wedding:

1.Dance lessons are fun. Consider the unique interaction that dancing provides you and your fiance. Dancing is incredible non verbal communication. One or both of you may be hesitant to take lessons during your wedding planning for various reasons. Don’t let this stop you.

2. It’s fun for your guests. Remember, this may be your wedding, but we want to consider your wedding guests. We all like being entertained at a wedding or anywhere for that matter. Think of how fun it is to watch people dance. Would YOU prefer to watch a choreographed dance, or a couple sway side to side in an awkward attempt to get through the song.

3. It’s a bonding experience. You are getting married! Don’t you want to bond with your finance? Taking dance lessons before your wedding can be a great way to break out of the normal routine, and do something different. It also makes for great memories after the wedding planning is over and you are married.

4. You can use your first dance for years to come. This is a dance you learned and danced at your WEDDING! It is sure to be a dance you can both go back to for some memories. Imagine on your one year wedding anniversary, dancing your first wedding dance again. How special. Seriously, you may forget some of the moves but you will never forget that night.

Keep in mind that your first dance at your wedding is MORE than just dancing. It’s something special that even after planning your wedding, you will never forget. This week we feature a REAL engaged couple in our episode on Forever Bride. It was filmed at the AMAZING DS Event Center in St. Paul Minnesota. You can check out the episode HERE: http://www.youtube.com/TheForeverTV

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Dirty Dancing At Your Wedding? Not Quite.