Make Planning Your Wedding FUN!

With your big day coming up, I am sure at times you want the day to come sooner than later! When I was waiting for my wedding day, I felt so restless. I just wanted to marry the man of my dreams and begin living happily ever after! But it is important to cherish this special time in your relationship. You are only engaged once, so live it up and have fun planning your wedding!

Fun Tip No. 1 Take Your Time

It can be easy to rush through the details of planning your wedding. But be sure that you do enough research and think enough about what your vision is before you proceed in the planning process. It will make the planning process run more smoothly. Send reminders of how many days are left until your wedding date to your fiance. Begin a wedding day countdown. This can be a fun way to get you and your fiance excited about your big day!


Fun Tip No. 2 Ask For Opinions

I am sure you know of a handful of people that have gotten married recently. Usually, the newly married couple can offer up great advice on what worked and what didn’t. They can offer advice and maybe even refer you to some vendors that they loved working with. This can help give you a good platform to start on. I personally learned a lot from my older sister when she got married before I did, so be sure to ask for opinions!


Fun Tip No. 3 Watch Shows Together

It can be a fun time for you and your fiance to bond over watching some good old reality TV! There are many wedding shows out there that can be fun for you and your man to watch. You can get ideas, learn the wedding industry lingo and maybe even learn more about your future spouse in the process!


Fun Tip No. 4 Talk About The Exciting Things

Talk about the things that excite you the most! If talking about where to go on your honeymoon is the most fun topic of conversation between you and your fiance, then talk about that as much as you want! Wedding planning can become stressful, so it’s a great idea to talk about the parts of wedding planning that get you excited!

Author: Jessica Dennison | Relationship Blogger | Forever Bride

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Make Planning Your Wedding FUN!