The Man Behind the Music: Brian David from Big Day Song

For 25 years Brian David from Big Day Song has had a passion for songwriting. His first inspiration started back in high school when he received some news that would change his life.

“I wrote my first song called “˜That Day’ about the day my father came back from the doctor’s office to tell me that my mother may not live to see me graduate from High School.”

His love for songwriting came at that moment and it hasn’t stopped since. While the rest of the world slept, Brian would sit on the rooftop of his two-story college house in St. Cloud, Minn. letting all his thoughts and feelings fill the pages of dozens of yellow notebooks.

“I have always strived to put a level of emotion and intensity in every song I write and can’t imagine my life without the gift I have been given.”

And a gift it was because as his passion for songwriting led him to a professional music endeavor in 2002, which also led to the creation of Big Day Song in 2008.

In 2002, Brian David answered a wanted ad for a lead singer at Guitar Center for a band called Syndicate Avenue. The band required him to sing songs like Creed and 3 Doors Down and he thought it would be something new and fun to do. What did he have to lose?

For two years he played with Syndicate Avenue and then felt inspired to start his own band called Murge. Three years later, Murge split and Brian realized that rock wasn’t his type of music and went back to his acoustic roots where he fell in love with songwriting in the first place.


His roots brought him to realize his potential for starting Brian David Band and eventually Big Day Song in 2008.

“I got the idea for Big Day Song when I was writing a song call “˜Supposed to Do’ for my last album.

His burning desire to do something more in life led to an answer for that burning question. He wanted to make the “Big Day” memorable for someone and allow them a unique and lasting gift, an original custom song.

“What ignites me from the core is music.”

What keeps his flame going is his you, the friend, the fan, and the client. He said that if he can make someone think and make someone feel, then his job is done. This is the goal with every song he writes.

Big Day Song is a very cool concept and this is how Brian David begins to create a custom song.

A couple who wants to share their story must start off with answering 15 well-thought out questions: How did they meet? What they love about each other? What are other funny or quirky assets about them? Etc”¦

This gives Brian just enough to build a great story. He then sits down to write a four to five minute song with the first verse describing how the lovely couple met and the chorus hooking in the audience about what makes their relationship unique.

Depending on the song package, the most a song will take is 6 to 8 weeks for writing, composing, recording and adding the finishing touches before putting it up on his site for the couple’s approval.

Since the start, Brian David has written over 55 custom songs for clients in the United States, London, Australia and Canada – each unique in their own way. Nothing is more unique than having a song about your life and your loved one to share on your “Big Day” and Brian David enjoys every moment of making that special for someone.

“To write something special for someone telling their story and then hearing how excited they are to hear it the first time, is pretty cool.”

It’s pretty cool that you share talent with the world Brian David. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Author: Kaitlin Keller | Director of Content | Forever Bride

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The Man Behind the Music: Brian David from Big Day Song