The New Art Of Gifting For A Sophisticated Bachelorette Party!

The New Art Of Gifting For A Sophisticated Bachelorette Party!

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The bachelorette party is an occasion to celebrate the soon-to-be-bride, strengthen friendships between her and the support system of best girlfriends, sisters and family that love her. This once in a lifetime moment is a time to honor the changing romantic and sensual relationship between the new Husband and Wife. Make your bride’s bachelorette party worthy of the integrity of the occasion and have fun at the same time! The best gifts will be those that are memorable, thoughtful and have the promise of more fun to come!

An open and healthy relationship between a husband and wife strengthens marriages. The very best gifts are those that will inspire the couple to greater intimacy and connection. One of my favorite recommendations is a set of 30 sealed seductions by Susie Bright called “I Dare You.” This beautiful gift box contains dares and sexy prompts – each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking. The new bride and groom can select an envelope, tear it open and read the card aloud to discover what comes next. No two lovers will play the cards the same way twice!


The honeymoon will be on everybody’s minds at the bachelorette party. This special night is certainly one of the most memorable in a newlywed’s budding lifelong romance. Marking the occasion with special lingerie isn’t a new idea; however, your bride will be impressed with the handmade thoughtfulness of this gift – The String Along Thong by local Twin Cities designer Knit-N-Jules. The bride gets to wear these beautiful panties and her beau gets to unwrap her like a treasure on their special night. Simply untie the bow from the end of the thong and slowly pull to unravel!

“I Dare You” 30 Sealed Seductions by Susie Bright, $14.95


The passionate energy that passes between a newlywed couple hardly needs a boost, but I love recommending this next gift for an even greater spark of fun! In the best sense of the word, X On The Lips by Sensuva is electrifying! A passionate kiss between a bride and her husband-to-be is something very special. With a little added all-natural zing from essential oil infused lip balm, it can be even more magic! Sweet Almond, Cinnamon and Rosemary Oils blen with sexy pheromones in this unique lip balm. This spectacular gift will help her attract a kiss from her man, feel turned on and warm. The sensual buzzing sensation she feels will transfer with the magic kiss! We love recommending this gift to trigger attraction and enhance sensual moods!

String Along Thong by Knit-N-Jules, $25


At Smitten Kitten not only will you find these sophisticated and unique gifts, but you can also peruse an unmatched selected of handcrafted greeting cards from artists all over the world! Our warm and welcoming staff is expert gift consultants. The Smitten Kitten’s sophisticated boutique atmosphere is just one of the reasons we are the most award winning erotic boutique int he entire Midwest! Let us help you pick just the right gift – one that speaks to the elegance of the occasion and is fun at the same time!

Electrify Your Kiss and Share Your Energy with “X On The Lips” by Sensuva, $24.99

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The New Art Of Gifting For A Sophisticated Bachelorette Party!