Plan For The Wedding, Prepare For The Future

As many of us know, planning a wedding is a very exciting, yet very stressful time for couples. But what many of us may not think is that we can take this time to prepare and gain experience for future conflicts that may arise during the blissful years of marriage.

This past Monday, there was a great article written in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It provided brides with four helpful and easy tips on how to make your time planning a wedding less stressful.

1. Discuss a planning model.

Who is going to plan your wedding? A wedding planner? Both you and your fiancé? Family and friends? There is no right or wrong approach to choosing a planning model, the key here is to find a plan that works the best for you and your partner and then commit to it.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget.

Finances will always be a topic of discussion for couples, something that will not just pop up during the wedding phase, so really utilize this time to get to know one another’s money management habits. The best tip to give is to set a budget, figure out a maximum amount that the both of you are comfortable spending and then compromise. Talk to your partner and see what each of you value the most in the wedding. If it’s decided that the location is a high priority than the DJ, spend more money on the location and less on a DJ.

3. Downtime with your partner.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the chores of planning a wedding and it’s easy to lose sight of the excitement that comes with being engaged. Make sure to set some time aside to spend with your partner and do something fun! Go out to eat, catch a movie, or go spend some time with family. Make sure that whatever you end up doing that time is spent talking about something OTHER than your wedding.

4. Premarital Education Workshop.

While preparing for the wedding, make sure you prepare for your marriage. There are many premarital classes available for couples to take, but one of the best in the business is Miller & Miller, LLC. They offer both individual and group premarital counseling sessions, as well as private sessions with brides, grooms, and other family members.

The sessions are based on:

Identifying strengths as a couple and build new ones
Strengthen communication skills
Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflicts
Explore relationships with families
Comfortably discuss financial issues
Establish personal, couple, and family goals
Understand and appreciate personality differences.
Another exciting tidbit to mention is that in Hennepin County, if you and your partner participate in 12 hours of premarital education, you can apply for a reduced marriage license! Instead of paying the $115 regular fee, you will be eligible to pay for the reduced fee of $40. For additional information click here.

During the months leading up to your wedding, you are bound to learn more about your partner, expectations, traditions, and families that you previously did not know and that is exciting! Effectively dealing with the challenges and obstacles that will arise during the planning phase will provide both you and your partner with valuable experience that can be applied to your life after the wedding – marriage.

Author: Sadie F. | Intern at Forever Bride

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Plan For The Wedding, Prepare For The Future